Transformational Design Thinking

14195941_1126871490725230_8183727567486279193_oOur new course Transformational Design Thinking helps people create new products, services and business opportunities which have a purpose which fully resonate with their personal values. The transformation starts with the expansion of consciousness of the designer, enabling them to create new systemic solutions at a higher level of consciousness to those solutions which have previously come to pass.

Holonomic Thinking

Credit: Simon Robinson

Our course launched today at PUC (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo) and has been created in partnership with Luciana Terceiro, Natalí Garcia and Diogo Cortiz. It teaches design thinking from the perspective of Holonomics and Customer Experiences with Soul, showing how design has to be developed from the perspective of the whole organisation, integrating the five universal human values, and where the source of creativity, innovation and insights are driven by the dynamic way of seeing.

Transformational Design Thinking

The course is fully booked, with students attending from a wide range of backgrounds and companies. For me it really shows how people are now seeking solutions beyond the basic tenets of design thinking, and are looking at how design can more fully be integrated not only across whole businesses, but value chains and ecosystems.

Holonomics Platform

Credit: Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson

Maria and I are really delighted to be a part of this new movement of design where people and planet matter, and can’t wait to share our thinking, ideas and approach with this first class.

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