The Green Spa Network Interviews

Photo: Simon Robinson

Photo: Simon Robinson

This time last year I had the pleasure of being invited to the Green Spa Network congress in Yosemite to introduce Holonomics and discuss my new framework Customer Experiences with Soul. The Green Spa Network is a community of people who are leading the way to transform the spa industry to be more efficient, sustainable, and earth-friendly. Although founded in 2006, many of the directors are people who were some of the leading visionaries of the sustainability movement in the previous decades.

Green Spa Network

The mission of the network is “to promote the natural connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability, and health of our planet” and the congress provides members not only with the opportunity to come together for two days of workshops, lectures and networking, but also in the two days prior to the event, come together less formally and explore the natural environs of the chosen location for the congress.

Green Spa Network Congress 2015

Green Spa Network Congress 2015

The congress provides an extremely supportive space to allow members to expand both their technical knowledge as well as develop their leadership skills and self-mastery. At the congress I gave the opening keynote speach, as well as two workshops, one on leadership and the second on customer experience design, and this allowed people to really dive deep into the insights of Holonomics, human values and the dynamic way of seeing.

Bonnie Baker

Bonnie Baker

The congress allows provides participants with the opportunity for self-development with the emotional support from other members and also facilitators such as Larry Prochazka who joined me in my workshops. The congress complements the online materials provided by the network such as best practices developed with its membership of the nation’s most innovative green spas, as well as their Sustainability Assessment Tool.

During the congress I recorded two interviews. In the first interview with Robert Parish I discuss Holonomics, why the name means, my inspirations, Henri Bortoft, the philosophy of wholeness as well as some reflections on the reactions to members to my keynote and first workshop on leadership.

In this interview I also talk about my approach to customer experience which as its basis in Holonomics, and how a customer experience with soul can only truly be achieved with the authentic contribution of every single person in an organisation. I then look at what the implications are for introducing programmes of profound organisational change in larger corporations and businesses.

Credit: Robert Parish

Credit: Robert Parish

The second recording I took part in was recorded at the end of the congress, and joining me were GSN Executive Director, Paul Schmidt, GSN board director Bonnie Baker, who is also the co-founder and principal of the spa consulting and training company, SATTEVA Spa and Wellness Concepts, and coach and facilitator Larry Prochazka.

This interview was also recorded by Robert Parish, and was a fully improvised free-ranging dialogue exploring the deeper aspects and themes of Holonomics. We wanted to capture many of the insights we had all experienced and discussed at the congress, and so it was amazing to be able to capture these in such a fresh and raw manner immediately after the closure of the event.

Each year the congress always has one particular element as a theme, such as air, water, fire, air etc. This particular year there was no single element, but the four elements, and this really fitted in with the way in which I work with the four elements (see my article On Creativity, Ego and Transformational Leadership for example). In this wide-ranging discussion we discuss how a phenomenological and artistic consciousness can complement the more dominant empirical mindset and way of thinking, and how this can re-connect us with the living qualities of nature and humanity.

I would like to express my thanks to Paul Schmidt for providing me with permission to publish these interviews, and also to Robert Parish who recorded and edited them. It was a wonderful opportunity to take part in the congress, and if you are interested in hospitality, cosmetics and the spa industry, and how it is evolving and developing in relation to sustainability, innovation and consciousness, I can strongly recommend taking part. This year’s congress takes place from 25th – 28th September where the focus will be on conscious collaboration and working together toward common goals. See 2016 Green Spa Network Congress for more details.

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