Customer Experiences with Soul at Academia Draft

Photo: Academia Draft

Photo: Academia Draft

Customer Experiences with Soul is a new framework which allows organisations to develop more engaging, sustainable and soulful customer experiences. The framework is based on our book Holonomics which describes how an expanded level of consciousness not only only be achieved, but also applied in many areas such as innovation, design, customer experience, strategy, leadership and change management.

Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson

Our workshop will explore the nature of soul in business, and the essential way in which it is no longer enough for businesses to have a purpose, they also needs to be in touch with its soul, a soul which collectively expresses itself through each part.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The history of customer experience design
  • How to develop a deeper way of seeing and an expansion of consciousness
  • Universal human values
  • How to develop a systemic approach and engage the whole organisation in customer experience design
  • Transformational Design Thinking
  • The Holonomic Circle – a new tool created by Holonomics Education to facilitate the design and development of customer experiences with soul
  • Real case studies of companies who focus on soul

We hope to see some of you there. For more information please see Holonomics – como criar experiências de marca com alma

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