Planetary Transformation Webinar with Fritjof Capra


On 9th December I will be taking part in a webinar with Fritjof Capra and Benjamin Butler, a futurist and founder of the Emerging Future Institute.

The title of the webinar is The Future of Society, Environment, Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, all topics of immediate relevance to us all given the global events around the world of 2016.

The webinar will be broadcast at 3pm Pacific time and I hope that some of you will be able to join us. For further information please see: Planetary Transformation Webinar

2 responses to “Planetary Transformation Webinar with Fritjof Capra

  1. Hi Simon
    Brilliant webinar which I listened to in England where I am completing work organizing my extensive John G Bennett and Henri Bortoft archives to be transferred to digital. I look forward to meeting you soon to share Henri’s Hermeneutics course material which he gave at Bennett’s school Sherborne in 1972and 73. I reminded Henri at his last lecture I attended just before he died that I had tape recorded his classes at Sherborne and his response was ” can’t be sure what use they will be”.
    Let’s get together with Jaqueline and discuss this treasure as I’m sure you will find them extremely valuable. So glad you mentioned Henri in the webinar tonight. I thought it was very well done. Thank you. Kenneth Shear.

    • Hi Kenneth, it is great to hear you enjoyed the webinar. I’ll send you an email as we can talk about potentially meeting up. Warm regards

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