What’s New for Capra Course in 2017?

Capra Course Spring 2017

I am very pleased to announce that registrations are now open for the Spring 2017 edition of Capra Course. The course will start on 1st March and run for the following twelve weeks, with another four weeks of the course available for people to catch up on lectures and continue conversing with Fritjof Capra.

Last year we ran two editions of Capra Course, with the most recent one now coming to an end. Emilio from Argentina shared these final comments:

I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity you give to all of us, allowing a new space where from our own involvement each of us can relate and create newer conditions for life to sustain itself. It has been an honor to participate in conversations with you, after following you for so many years and through so many changes, and I consider the Systems View a real way of co-visioning and co-building a present where responsibility and ethics are at its core. “Networks inside networks” applies perfectly to this course, whereas replication can happen at any given time and synergy between the participants can be seen.

Vasan from India, also an alumnus of the Fall 2016 course said:

Thank you Fritjof for the wonderful course. Despite having read your book on the Systems View of Life I found the lectures clarifying several concepts that weren’t clear to me while reading the book. More importantly, it inspired me to look inward deeply and I now have  this serious urge to contribute to making our planet a better place to live in. For good or for bad, it increased my disillusionment with commercial enterprise and has driven me to start looking for alternate pursuits that are possibly more meaningful and fulfilling.

I must also take the opportunity to thank all the fellow participants whose comments, thoughts and ideas have added so much to the courseware. The diversity of views and perspectives have been  educative and inspiring.

One alumnus, Charlie generously scanned in his 600 pages of notes for fellow participants:

Fritjof Capra Capra Course

All participants from Capra Course are able to join the Alumni Network after receiving their certificates of completion. The network brings together participants from all of the previous editions, allowing conversations to develop and new friendships and partnerships to develop.

Credit: Simon Robinson

Credit: Simon Robinson

With twelve intensive lectures on systems thinking at the deepest level, these master classes will provide an additional level of support and training for participants looking to implement the systems view of life. So in addition to the Alumni Network forum and groups features, there will also be a number of exclusive live master classes, starting with Maria and myself discussing how to put systems thinking into practice in large organisations. We are really looking forward to the first interactive session, and we will be scheduling more throughout the coming year.

Fritjof really enjoyed the two courses immensely, and is now looking forward to the two courses we will be running this year, saying:

The two courses we ran in 2016 were both great experiences for me. I really enjoy interacting with the participants, because the discussions are very animated and substantial. As you know, the coming year will be tough for America and the world, and the kind of systemic thinking I advocate in the course will be needed more than ever.

If you would like to join us in March, please do go to the Capra Course website where you will be able to watch a short video and see how the courses are structured. In December I also took part in a webinar with Fritjof and Benjamin Butler from the Emerging Future Institute where we discussed the systems view of life. You can listen to it below:

And finally, if you have any additional questions regarding Capra Course, please do send me a message via the contact form below.

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