On Art and Systems Thinking: An Open Letter to Fritjof Capra

Fritjof Capra’s online course Capra Course attracts a very wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, and on each edition a number of artists always join us. We now have an active arts group on the Capra Course alumni network which is a place to share about the artists who inspire us. It also a place to explore how art can bridge different disciplines and offer new visions of what is possible.

Susan Umbenhour is an active artist and designer in Cleveland, OH. In the spring of this year she joined Capra Course to deepen her appreciation of the systems view of life. On receiving her course certificate she wrote to Fritjof to let him know of her experience, and she kindly agreed to let me share her thoughts on my blog.

Credit: Capra Course

Fritjof Capra, July 17th, 2017

The course is amazing! Each lecture is riveting and has its own construct of how our planet needs us to sustain life effectively. WE will make a difference. I knew this before listening to the Capra lectures, but now, more than ever, I am activating and shifting to join this process differently. The information is empowering, but how it is framed, is essentially life changing.

A major shift has occurred within me as an artist while listening. Initially, my intent was to reconfigure my own artistic process, but with each new lecture, my process was transforming itself so quickly, I decided to wait, absorb it all, and let it come forth on its own. As I continued, I found each lecture fascinating often listening more than once to clarify and understand an integration and exchange of systems – essentially, the network, the characteristics of the cell and how it sets the stage for interdependence. I now have a renewed sense of purpose as a designer.

Although I love physics (read your books at an earlier time in my life), Capra Course examines an integrative dynamic through biology and chemistry, multiplying and revealing some astounding insights from the presentation of your material!

The sequence of the course is critical to its impact and I felt the piece by Jeremy Rifkin, in the supplemental materials (I think it was lecture 11) extremely effective in closing and giving a positive spin to the overwhelming tasks before us. Although I read many forum entries, I relinquished participating in that part of the course, because of time constraints. Know you all have changed my life. The dialogues/conversations I am having are now more significantly characterized by these lectures, and will have a definitive bearing on how I use my energy going forward. The supplemental materials were very enlightening.

I have had wonderful conversations with friends and colleagues about these concepts and systems. Moving forward, inviting engagement and listening with care /understanding to the OTHER will impact well-being, health, and better science-supported economies. This in turn will assist in re-generating life systems that are rich with ideas which sustain our planet.

Thank you, all of you, for providing such a pivotal platform!

Warmest regards,

Susan Umbenhour


Susan can be contacted via her contact details here.

About Capra Course

Registration is now open for the Fall 2017 edition. We are capping the numbers at 200 to really ensure that Fritjof can converse in detail with every single person taking part, and to allow him to fully research and answer everyone’s questions. It really is an incredible opportunity to develop our understanding of systems thinking, and so should you be interested in taking part, please visit the course website: www.capracourse.net

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