Customer experiences which express soul and the transition of consciousness

One of the major insights from our new book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design is that you do not so much design the customer experience, it is more that you are your customer experience, and so if you wish to develop customer experiences with soul, you first have to embark on the journey of the transition of consciousness.

Hence chapter three of our book is titled The Transition of Consciousness, is titled The Transition of Consciousness, and in this chapter we discuss the way in which companies now more than ever can no longer rely on just business tools and methodologies to develop. In order to be able to develop a soulful business which people can connect with in an authentic manner, each and every person has to develop a more expanded form of consciousness, one which facilitates more meaningful and authentic dialogues across the whole organisation.

Credit: Simon Robinson

In this chapter we therefore explore issues such as ego, jealousy and insecurity which no other book on customer experience design has ever addressed. We discuss our concept of knotworks which is a term we coined to describe networks with ego – the cliques which masquerade under the new vocabulary of co-creation. We discuss creativity, ego and transformational leadership, and the four modes of consciousness – earth, water, air and fire. The transition of consciousness is a journey through these four qualities, but there are four major traps which any leader must be aware.

We close the chapter with a look at the four ways of knowing – thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition. It is often the case that one of these four ways is predominant in us, and when we are not aware of our primary modality, it can lead to a lack of empathy and a difficulty in full appreciating what someone who is operating from a different modality is really attempting to express.

Without this journey through the transition of consciousness, the dysfunctional behaviours and organisational characteristics can act as barriers to people being able to work together in harmonious coherent networks, and which limit organisational creativity. Ultimately of course the organisation never reaches a level which allows them to offer customer experiences with soul, and this limits the potential of reaching their stated purpose and mission.

We wrote our book to help people and organisations:

  • take a radically new approach to customer experience design;
  • fully integrate their purpose, goals and strategy with their customer experience;
  • implement human values across the whole organisation; and
  • develop long-term and more meaningful relationships with their customers.

Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design is already shifting a number of enterprises’ understanding of design, innovation, strategy, leadership and branding. We hope it will inspire you and help you to build and grow authentic businesses and organisations which honour what it is to be human in our world.

To find out more please take a look at our website Customer Experiences with Soul: Our book is also now available on Amazon Kindle stores worldwide.

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