Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires Programme Announced

Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires have now announced their full programme for their main event of the year, Redefining the Good Life, which will take place on September 21st. It is a one-day event with plenary sessions in the morning. The afternoon starts with a range of events and activities including dialogue sessions on education, a workshop on the circular economy, and a number of talks which will look at specific case studies.The final session of the afternoon consists of the final plenary presentations, which will start with Maria and myself introducing our new book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design. All plenary talks will be broadcast live, and so if you are not able to join us live, you will be able to watch remotely. Our talk will be at 16.30, which is 21.30 CET, 20.30 UK, 15.30 EST, and 12.30 PDT.

For more information please visit Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires.

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