How do we talk about Consciousness and ‘Soul’ in Business?

This weekend Maria and I were invited by our friends at Integral, the UK-based consultancy, to talk about Customer Experiences with Soul. You can watch the recording of our talk in the video below:

While Maria and I had a general plan for our talk, it was also our first experience of hosting a Facebook Live event, and as you will see in the video, we received a great deal of excellent questions and comments, many of which we were able to answer as our talk progressed.

There were a number of times when a number of related issues were raised. Is it really possible to discuss ‘soul’ in business? What if people are totally resistant? How can people who are change-makers start to make a difference in major corporations?

These are common questions which people regularly ask of Maria and myself. In order to help people who wish to really make an impact and contribute to positive change in business and society, we realised that we would need to complement our first book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter with a second book to show people how we are putting our approach into practice. For this reason we wrote Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design which takes an approach to customer experience design which to our knowledge has never been covered in a book on the subject.

In our talk, we take people through our new tool, the holonomic circle, which we introduce in Customer Experiences with Soul, and show how we now need a more transcendental approach to design. Throughout our conversation, various people quoted us live, as we were speaking. So to give you just a flavour of how this conversation went, we thought you may like to see some of our quotes which are listed below:

“Relationships are becoming better. Businesses are becoming more sustainable. In transitional moment, we must ask a number of questions. We put the problems in a dialogue discussion.”

“It’s describes the qualities of the soul. It has properties that we didn’t see before we let it loose. It does have this dialogue aspect for people to have these different elements.”

“When we only focus on the customer journey, but as designers, we lost the essential essence of the organisation. Which is what (we) refer to as the soul.”

“Only looking at measures that we imagine can be concrete, and what we can control or measure. But what really makes the experience remarkable is the qualitative aspect.”

“Being people into the narrative. Think about the language.”

“What they really mean is not always what they say in public!.”

“IT + HR + Marketing + Comms. This is holonomics and raising human consciousness.”

“Congruence in the realms of intention – action and result are integral to designing.”

“When you have a unified purpose people find new solutions and thinking in new ways – deeper than intellectual.”

“Human warmth – the cure is not only located in the operating room – the cure is everywhere”

We have analyse with a more integrated kind of logical intelligence

“The essential wholeness of the lived experience and the organisation”

“Design Thinking really started to take place. In conjunction with that, customer experience mapping really shows where we need to expand our thinking as designers.”

“The most interesting (and most fundamentally respected) businesses and personalities are also the ones with the strongest and most authentic purposes behind them.”

“If there’s humility and people have the ability to LISTEN, you will have a truly sustainable organisation.”

“When you focus on your mission and purpose, you will see the shift.”

“We gamify meetings. We create one-day experiences, where people are taken to a different reality.”

“Understanding every aspect of what it means to be human.”

“Communication is a key point in our lives. Pay attention to the language we are using. To clarify that we are being understood. Sometimes we think we are communicating, they aren’t understanding what we are trying to say. Therefore, we HAVE to qualify the concept.”

“Beauty shines and illuminates that which is good”

“It’s an incredible time to be part of User Interface Experience!”

‘What makes a game great is that it is an immersive experience.’

“Deconstruct the logic of money first.”

“We have lost sight of being and humanity.”

“What happens when the ideation finishes?”

“HR people have this natural empathy!”

“Full engagement with every single person.”

“Returning the lived experience to people”

“Plato described Being in a non dualist way.”

‘”Transcendental aspects of divinity”

‘We put authenticity before purpose.’

“Always strive for 100% coherence”

“Expanding people’s consciousness.”

“A single soul before this creation”

“It’s about identity and indifference.”


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