The drama of fishing in a toxic river

Credit: Simon Robinson

Eduardo Srur is one of the world’s leading urban interventionists, designing large scale works of art in urban spaces, which draw people’s attention to the environment and major issues affecting cities and urban living. His book Manual de Intervenção Urbana (Urban Intervention Manual), published in 2012, illustrates sixteen years of his projects and works.


Credit: Eduardo Srur/ Instagram

Maria and I interviewed Eduardo at his studio in São Paulo for our new book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design, and we discussed art, sustainability, leadership and transition. Eduardo founded his São Paulo-based company Attack Intervenções Urbanas and has worked in partnership with many leading brands. His interest in the many different forms of expression in the plastic arts lead him to explore how he could use their varying and different languages in public spaces, working in large public spaces in order to reach a wider public.

Credit: Marcelo Maia/ Instagram

This week he inaugurated his latest work, Pintado, which formed part of the a sustainability festival the city of São Paulo, launching it on the Pinheiros River which runs through the city. Pintado means ‘painted’ and it is also the name of a colourful species of fish found in Brazil.

Credit: Eduardo Srur/ Instagram

As you can see in the photo above, the fish is visible from both sides of the motorway which runs up and down both sides of the river, as well as from the various metro stations and train line which runs alongside the river as well. The fish is able to “swim” up and down the river, and Eduardo himself has been seen on the banks attempting to land it.

Credit: Eduardo Srur/ Instagram

Eduardo described this work of art in the following manner:

“I am the first inhabitant of São Paulo to fish on the Pinheiros River in the 21st century. Pintado is a work of hope, a future, a work with the colors and lost forms of the Pinheiros river and many other polluted rivers on the planet. If our reality is distorted and unable to make decisions in favor of life, the gigantic Pintado will exist to remind us of what art is one possible way.”

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