Rethinking Business: Holonomics, Wholeness, Consciousness and Human Values

Last year I was invited to speak at Rethink Business, a Brazilian conference founded by Marina Miranda and which was created to bring together leading thinkers both from Brazil and from other countries from business, government and not-for-profits to discuss innovation, strategy, and transformation through co-creation, collaboration and futurology.

In my talk I discussed Holonomics, consciousness, human values and I introduced our Customer Experiences with Soul framework as well as introducing the Flourishing Business Canvas.

After my talk I was also interviewed, and I explained how our Holonomics approach is based on a foundation of a dynamic understanding of wholeness and the five universal human values of peace, truth, love, righteousness and non-violence. (The video is in English with Portuguese subtitles).

For those of you in Brazil, you may be interested to know that Rethink Business will be happening again this year on the 5th and 6th of October. For more information please see Rethink Business.


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