Registration for Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course is still open

This week has seen the start of the fourth edition of Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course. I just wanted to let everyone know that we still have a few places available and registration will stay open for one more week.

The lectures are published once each week, and we have already seen a lot of very interesting comments and discussion after the introductory lecture. I thought you may wish to see just a small sample of what people are saying:

“I saw Fritjof’s lecture yesterday evening. And made 7 pages full of notes. Stopping his lecture every 30 seconds to not miss a word he spoke. And some things Fritjof told resonated extremely with me.”

“I felt energised by the first lecture.”

“Thank you very much for a very inspiring first lecture. It has already brought up a lot of ideas.”

“This could not have come at a better time for me. I was finding myself becoming overwhelmed and somewhat paralyzed with the implications of the path that the majority of humans have decided to travel down currently in regards to the economy, environment, population, etc. I was heartened that Dr. Capra mentioned these massive challenges right out of the gate and then said immediately, with much authority, that he felt this course would introduce possible solutions. I am very eager to hear what these may be and how we can potentially use the concept of systems in what I consider to be most likely the greatest undertaking of humans in recorded history of changing the current paradigms and conceptual frameworks in which the majority of the masses seem to be ‘mired’. ”

“What a fabulous opening lecture, and introduction to the course. I have watched the lecture several times now and will no doubt watch it a few more. It makes quite a difference, reading this material alone as I have done (some time ago) and then engaging it once more through the lecture, summary, and supplementary material.”

“Thank you for an inspiring introduction to the course.”

If you are interested in finding more about Capra Course, please do visit the course website:

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