A Conceptual Framework for Ecological Economics Based on Systemic Principles of Life

Following on from my review of Ove Jakobsen’s new book Transformative Ecological Economics, I thought that many of you will be interested to read a new paper published by both Jakobsen and Fritjof Capra.

Their paper is titled A conceptual framework for ecological economics based on systemic principles of life and was published in the International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 44 Issue: 6, pp.831-844.

The purpose of their paper is to refer to ecological economics using two meanings of the term
“ecological”. In the strict scientific sense, ecological economics refers to an economic system that is consistent with and honours the basic principles of ecology, which, ultimately, are identical with what the authors call the systemic principles of life. In a broader sense ecological economics refers to economic theory and practice that see the economy as operating within, rather than dominating, the spheres of nature, society, and culture.

Source: Ingebrigtsen and Jakobsen (2007), cited by Capra and Jakobsen (2017)

Capra and Jakobsen distill four fundamental principles for ecological economics based on systems theory of life and philosophy of organism. The four principles are; nested systems, self-generating networks, open systems, and cognitive interactions. They discuss how these principles can be applied to design an ecological economic system that is life-enhancing on individual, social and ecological levels.

If you would like to read the paper in full, it can be accessed via Fritjof’s website here.

And just as a quick note, should you like to have the opportunity to discuss all these issues covered in the paper with Fritjof, registrations are still open for the Fall 2017 edition of Capra Course. For more information please visit www.capracourse.net.


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