Capra Course Alumni Lectures: Felicia Chavez Discusses Sustainability and Spirituality

The fourth edition of Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course has now started and we are already having some amazing conversations about the systems view of life. When participants complete the course, they are given access to the alumni network, which is now really starting to grow, with many interesting projects and collaborations emerging.

One of the new developments in the alumni network is a new series of alumni lectures. In this series, alumni are recording short presentations about their work related to systems thinking, sharing their projects and ideas, and then discussing these ideas with the rest of the network. It is an excellent way to both raise awareness about existing projects, and also receive help and support with ideas for new projects which are just being born.

The first person to present their project was Felicia Chavez, in which she introduces her dissertation research into “common threads and common threats” shared by the fields of sustainability and spirituality/religion. In this presentation she focuses on one of seven pairs of threads and threats: Living simply versus compulsive consumption.

To support her argument Felicia provides data from reports about human waste and hidden flows, as well as quotes from spiritual and religious traditions. Her overall thesis— inspired by Eckhart Tolle and other spiritual teachers —is that “the outer issues from the inner”, and that this inner realization is required to make genuine strides in the outer world. In other words, to truly make human society more sustainable requires individual and collective inner transformation first.

The full text of Felicia’s dissertation can be found on her page:

If you would like to find out more about Capra Course, please visit the website here:

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