Puerto Rico – A Personal Message from Fritjof Capra and Elizabeth Hawk

Dear Friends,

As our Holiday Season begins, we are grateful for the relative stability of our lives. At the same time, we cannot help but think of the climate refugees in Puerto Rico. People are shipping out of the island to the mainland, or they are holding out by sheer will and heart, living in shelters and homes without light or power all over the island.

While the big energy companies, both fossil-fuel and solar, fight over contracts with the government, smaller solar initiatives like ours at BARRIO SOLAR are actually moving forward to get lighting on the ground before Christmas. What a gift that will be!

Our solar support project for Puerto Rico is funded by our crowdfunding page (http://bit.ly/2AarEkm). Our goal is a modest $25,000. As of today, we have reached 44% of that goal, and we are deeply grateful for the many generous donations.

Your donations will truly make a difference as we work to bring solar-power kits to rural communities in the hardest-hit areas of Puerto Rico. Even a modest $25 from all our friends during the last 10 days of this crowdfunding drive will allow us to make our goal.

Because 100% of our working group, both stateside and on the island, is comprised of skilled volunteers, every penny you donate will go to purchase solar technologies and ship them to the homes, shelters, and barrios in San Juan, and the small communities in the center and south of the island, who will be the last to receive energy support.

Please go to our BARRIO SOLAR crowdfunding site and give what you can, so we can purchase and ship solar aid to Puerto Rico as soon as possible.

Crowdfunding link: bit.ly/2AarEkm

With gratitude for your generosity, and with our best wishes for a happy Holiday Season,

Fritjof Capra and Elizabeth Hawk

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