A New Message of Hope from Fritjof Capra

I am extremely happy to start 2018 on Transition Consciousness by sharing a wonderful message of hope from Fritjof Capra. As many of you will know, I have been working with Fritjof for the last couple of years on the development and evolution of Capra Course, his on-line course in which he teaches the systems view view of life. On 12th December last year Fritjof recorded a special webinar for all alumni of previous editions of the course, and so below you will see a couple of extracts from this webinar.

Fritjof Capra

Fritjof created Capra Course as he is now in a transition phase now from active research and writing to teaching and sharing knowledge. The Capra Course was a major step in that direction. Fritjof has been reducing his travel and lecture schedule, and he does not give workshops or seminars anymore. By offering Capra Course, people from around the world are able to join him and discuss systems thinking with him over the course of twelve lectures. Once the course is over, people are then able to continue the discussions in the Capra Course alumni network, joining forces with all the participants from previous editions.

Fritjof Capra and alumni from Capra Course

Many of the alumni of Capra Course have now started to meet in various locations across the globe, and Fritjof has also been able to participate in some of these. One idea discussed was to create a new series of webinars by Fritjof which are called “Fritjof’s Reflections” in which he talks about his most recent activities and reflections and where he also answers questions from alumni.

One of the questions from the webinar was “How serious is global warming/ ecological overshoot in your opinion?” Fritjof answers this question in the video below, saying that “With the continuing denial and obstruction by so many of our corporate and political leaders, year after year, the situation becomes more and more critical”.

He then followed this by answering two related questions – “Where do we find hope in the current political climate, which seems to go in the opposite direction of the systems view of life?” and “How can we best use this forum to synergize our work and aim for system health and change in the world?”

In answering these two questions, Fritjof spoke about the South African Revolution in 1989, in which small groups and networks had formed secretly all over South Africa to discuss alternative values and visions to the Apartheid system of the time.

For Fritjof, the story holds valuable lessons for the global situation we are facing today:

“The current political situation, in my view, is an aberration and will change soon with a dramatic event. At that point, we need to be prepared for an ecologically sustainable and socially just alternative.”

As he said in the video, “One of my goals with Capra Course and with the alumni network is to create a global network of systemic thinkers who embrace the core values of human dignity and ecological sustainability, and who will be ready to assume leadership when the time comes”.

This vision for Capra Course is to create a space where everybody is immersed in a continual experience of community and of ongoing exciting intellectual discussions. The unique learning environment is one where discussions take place in an atmosphere that is intellectually very intense and challenging, but is emotionally very safe.

Credit: Capra Course

In an upcoming post I will share a few reflections from Capra Course alumni on their own personal transformative experiences from the course. Fritjof closed his webinar by reflection on how he sees the alumni network evolving and expanding as more people join:

“Perhaps, the most important application of the systems view of life is to have confidence in the process of emergence. If we succeed in maintaining our alumni network as a vibrant network of communications with lots of feedback loops — and also with mutual affection and with passion — we can be sure that exciting new ideas and projects will emerge.”

Registration for the Spring 2018 edition of Capra Course opens today, 3rd January. If you would like to join Fritjof and explore the systems view of life with him, please see www.capracourse.net for further information.

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