Margaret Wheatley and Ingrid Stefanovic on Holonomics

Margaret Wheatley is a writer and management consultant who draws upon systems analysis, chaos theory, and other diverse fields of study to inform her work which started in 1973. She is the author of Leadership and the New Science and Who Do We Choose to Be?, among others. Her mission has been to discover how to apply rich and crucial wisdom from new science, history, and many spiritual traditions to the challenges of leadership and how to live well together as community, no matter what.

“The central question of our time is “How can we live divided no more?” This wonderful book provides the science, the philosophy and the business practices that lead us to an answer. The Robinsons present the concepts and thinkers who first awakened a new sense of excitement and possibility in me many years ago. What a gift to have these monumental, mind-changing ideas woven together skilfully in one book. If you absorb their perspectives, you can’t help but have your mind changed—for the benefit of both people and planet.”

Dr. Ingrid Leman Stefanovic is a Professor of Philosophy and former Founding Director of the Centre for Environment at the University of Toronto. Her research and publications explore the meaning of sense of place, as well as how values affect environmental policy development and decision-making.

“The way we engage with reality is foundational to solving the flaws in our prevailing worldview. Holonomics brings well researched and practical attention to this root cause and so acts as a powerful aid in helping formulate our new philosophical, scientific and economic paradigm. As recognised experts in their respective fields, both Simon and Maria powerfully combine their wisdom, teachings from Schumacher College and expertise from the sustainability arena into this timely, radical and deeply insightful book.”

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