To See Well is an Act of Humility

Source: Pixabay

To see well is an act of humility. When we are stuck in ego, we never stop to contemplate and to ask ourselves if we really have seen and noticed all that there is to see in our field of vision. Our ego can act as blinkers on a horse.

This is particularly true when we look at how we see other people. Have we really seen the people around us as they truly are? Can we really see who those people are who fully epitomise the essence of the purpose, mission and values of our organisation, whichever level they may be in the formal organisational hierarchy? Or does our fear of competition, insecurity and desire for personal achievement at the expense of others place a blindfold over our eyes?

Finding this level of humility takes courage and strength, but when we are able to let go of our insecurities, we find that we have fresh new holonomic eyes for absorbing, appreciating and comprehending at a deeper level, the totality of the vibrant, living and creative organisations and ecosystems of which we are a part.


Extract taken from Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson (2014)

Simon Robinson is the co-founder of Holonomics Education, a strategy and innovation consultancy based in São Paulo whose mission is to help organisations to implement great customer experiences, powerful and effective strategies, and develop purposeful, meaningful and sustainable brands. He is the co-author of Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design and his research examines how the dynamic conception of wholeness in hermeneutics and phenomenology can deepen our thinking on innovation, customer experience design and the circular economy.

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