Open Webinar with Fritjof Capra: Architecture as Community Practice

As many of you will already know, for the last few years I have been working with Fritjof Capra on Capra Course, his online course in which he explores the systems view of life. Fritjof had invited me to help develop the platform and online course elements, and I then continued with the publicity and course development, creating the alumni network and developing a number of partnerships and seeing the course flourish to the point it is today.

However, due to client and project commitments it was no longer possible to continue dedicating the time and support to Capra Course which it truly deserved. My role in Capra Course is now being overseen by Phoebe Tickell, who has been doing a wonderful job of engaging the Capra Course alumni network and taking the course forward.


One of the new initiatives is a series of free monthly webinars which will feature Fritjof in conversation with friends and colleagues about their work and life. The first guest will be Steven Bingler, the founder and CEO of Concordia, a community-centered engagement, planning and architectural co-design studio in New Orleans, Louisiana. Concordia, from the Latin word meaning agreement between people and harmony among things, is also the firm’s one-word mission statement.

The Concordia studio explores its mission in several ways, including research collaborations with, governmental agencies and through a diverse network of collaborations with community-based organizations. You can read more about Steven and Concordia here:

Fritjof and Steven will be discussing the tension between the purpose of organizations when they are designed, and their ‘communities of practice’. They will explore links between this pattern in organizations drawing on Steven’s experience in architecture, and bringing in elements from the Capra Course on the nature of human organizations. Steven will be touching upon the history of Concordia, and his experience working with community-based organizations.

Webinar Details:

First Capra Course Webinar: Architecture as Community Practice: Fritjof in conversation with Steven Bingler

Date: July 29th, 2018

Time: 10am California, 4pm Brazil, 6pm UK, 7pm Spain

Duration: 60 mins

Access: No preregistration is required. You can watch live on Zoom via this link:

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