Guest Article: Jason Grant on Being and Design

Jason Grant is a human, business and technology transformation specialist working on redesigning humanity. He is the CEO of Integral, and coaches companies to develop innovative Design Thinking across their entire organisation, helping them deliver customer-centric company experiences.

In this extract above from his recent talk at ACE! Conference, he discusses the question of soul in relation to User Experience design practice, and cites Customer Experiences with Soul.

For this reason I am very pleased to be able to share this article from Jason who reflects further on the question of being in design.

The ever evolving business marketing narrative

Jason Grant

I have recently come across Nio as a company that is looking to give Tesla some competition in the electric car space.

Credit: Nio

This statement on their website struck me as resonant:

From driving to being

Our digital experience transforms your journey from driving to being. Designed for autonomy first, it’s a window into the world where you want to be.

This is an amazing example of how companies leverage Design Thinking and imagineering to capture minds of people and potential future customers.

Needless to say, Nio as a company has my attention now.

Credit: Nio

It is important that companies now move from marketing-only based spiritual-bypassing language and lip service to good intention; to being spiritual and creating products and services which help free people.

The key word in this snippet is ‘autonomy’.

Humanity will create amazing autonomous technology when people discover and fully embody how to live with full autonomy by themselves.

Note also the shift from experience to being.

Last year I realised that experience is no longer the product.

Next self is the product now.

It is enabled and catalysed by experience people have with various products and services.

This is something that Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson live and breathe, and I can feel how the whole notion of Customer Experiences With Soul is becoming reality and the new playground for humanity’s expansion into the age of superabundance.

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