Artists and Phenomenologies of Climate Change

Theresa Akers

Teresa Akers is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and culture-maker, focused on realizing dreams into built products, experiences, and environments. Her professional investigations into built and virtual environment center on how spaces, products, and environments tell stories.

For this reason it has been a huge pleasure for Simon to have been one of Theresa’s masters degree thesis supervisors for her course on Sustainable Design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD).

Theresa decided to reach out to me after having been introduced to our work with both Holonomics and Customer Experiences with Soul which she cites and references throughout her thesis. As she describes in her thesis:

“Artists and creatives are uniquely poised to intervene at the most important leverage point in our problem statement. An artist possesses the capacity to suspend disbelief, and for a moment create space for the viewer to “become receptive to a work of the imagination”, to believe in the possibility of different futures. Artists approach their work with questions and attempt to answer them through making, as is present in deep ecology.

While the layperson refers to their profession in a variety of different ways denoting specializations, artists tend to relate to their profession in terms of a practice, implying that the artist devotes time to a repeated understanding of the wholeness of form. Through open iteration, before premature decisions on the nature and importance of a phenomena, artists explore emergent properties of specific slices of the experiential whole through prolific creation.”

This article introduces Theresa, her work and her thesis, as well as links to download the complete manuscript: Artists and Phenomenologies of Climate Change: A Community Proposal

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