Fritjof Capra’s Alumni Meeting, São Paulo

Fritjof Capra launched Capra Course in 2015 to coincide with the publication of his latest book, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision (coauthored with Pier Luigi Luisi). After having invited myself and my wife Maria to attend the filming of the course lectures in São Paulo, he then asked me to work with him on the development of the course platform and to then work with him in the management and evolution of Capra Course around the world.

Part of this work involved the creation of the Capra Course alumni network, allowing past participants to stay in touch with Fritjof and also to develop projects together, either virtually or in person in their local countries and cities. For this reason it was a great pleasure for Maria and I to host a gathering of Brazilian alumni in São Paulo, with Fritjof joining us from Berkeley via video.

Capra Course Alumni Gathering, São Paulo

The gathering was organised by Maria, myself and our friends at Pravy, a digital production studio with whom we have been having many extremely interesting conversations around the conscious transformation of businesses and role which both private and public enterprises have in developing better lives for both people and our planet. I am extremely grateful to Rodrigo Linck, Pedro Henrique Soares and the team at Pravy who made their beautifully-designed office space available for everyone to come together to hear from Fritjof and to then carry on the conversation afterwards.

The meeting started with each person present introducing a little about their current work and ideas. It was extremely interesting to hear about the way in which everyone was putting the systems view of life into practice, both personally and professionally, with backgrounds ranging from strategic design, business consultancy, communications, healthcare, sustainable branding, learning and training, activism and regenerative development. This allowed each one of us to converse with Fritjof about each of our current projects and systemic practices, with Fritjof commenting throughout.

Capra Course Alumni Gathering, São Paulo

This conversation was then followed by Fritjof providing us with an update on the alumni network, for example recent activities such as the fact that Italian subtitles are now available, with Spanish coming soon thanks to alumni in Chile.

He also spent time talking about the very interesting new scientific research from Swiss university ETH Zürich providing the first calculation of how many trees could be planted without encroaching on crop land or urban areas in order to tackle our climate crisis. And in terms of how each one of us can help independently of government interventions, Fritjof highlighted the work of Tree Sisters, a grassroots movement supporting the restoration of the planet through tropical reforestation and the empowerment of women.

Capra Course Alumni Gathering, São Paulo

Once the conversation with Fritjof had ended, all of us remained to carry on the discussion in a more informal manner, allowing us to make new connections, explore important questions and share knowledge and ideas of how to put systemic solutions into practice.

At the very end of our meeting I recorded a number of short video clips in Portuguese of everyone present in order to help spread the message of Capra Course and the inspiration from the systems view of life across social networks. You can watch all of them here: Encontro do Capra Course, São Paulo

It was fantastic to be able to host this first meeting of Capra Course alumni in Brazil, especially given that everyone present had such interesting backgrounds and are already fully involved in developing many different regenerative projects in so many spheres. If you would like to take the opportunity to study the systems view of life with Fritjof, registrations are now open for the Fall 2019 Edition of Capra Course, which will begin this September. There are likely to be participants from at least two dozen countries around the world, and Fritjof looks forward to interacting with all those taking part on a daily basis during the duration of the course.

Simon Robinson with Pedro Henrique Soares

I would like to extend a special thanks to Pedro Henrique Soares from Pravy who helped out with both the prior organisation of the event and who also joined us, welcoming everyone to the office. I would also like to thank Mônica Mesquita and Mira Michelle, the Capra Course administrator, for their additional help in setting up the event.

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