Book launch: Our Earth: We Don’t Have Plan B

Maria and I are extremely happy to be able to announce the launch of the new book Nosso Mundo: Não Temos Plano B (Our Earth: We Don’t Have Plan B), published by Sustentare Business School, Joinville, Brazil, and of which we are contributing authors.

The book has been edited by Vanessa Weber Leite and Wilmar Cidral, the founder of Sustentare, and contains chapter contributions from many of Brazil’s leading sustainability professionals and lecturers including Silvia Quevedo, Reinaldo Bulgarelli, Cecilia Seravalli Soares, Cristina Fedato, Vitor Seravalli, Ricardo Voltolini and Marcus Nakagawa.

As Vanessa Weber Leite writes in her introduction, the purpose of the book is to present, according to experts and researchers, some alternatives relevant to sustainability in the business environment and to update the main questions that guide the theme, providing an opportunity to reflect on and review sustainable and regenerative business practices and provide inspiration for the first steps towards sustainable innovations that society and business so greatly desire.

Taking its lead from the 17 sustainability goals developed and promoted by the United Nations, the book examines many differing aspects of sustainability, including a look at the global agenda, human rights, sustainable value chains, regenerative business cultures, innovation, conscious consumerism and Holonomics.

Maria Moraes Robinson and I have provided a chapter which explores our Holonomics approach to profound cultural transformation in organisations, explaining how we work with the four interrelated pilars of human values, the dynamics of seeing, systems in nature and new business models.

Simon Robinson, Wilmar Cidral and Maria Moraes Robinson

I am particularly happy to be contributing to this new book due to the fact that our book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter was based on the MBA module on strategy, complexity and cultural transformation that Maria and I developed together at Sustentare in 2011.

The book launch will take place on the 26th of August at BASF’s CasaE in São Paulo, with a live video link to Sustentare Business School. CasaE is an ecologically efficient conceptual house created by BASF allowing it to showcase sustainable technologies created both by itself and its partners.

Many of the contributing authors will be there and offering short presentations of their work. The event will also provide information on the launch of a new 60-hour sustainable course from Sustentare which will be free to subscribe to and open to the whole community.

If you would like to take part, please visit Sustentare here.

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