Time to Roar: How can we harness our global interconnectedness in these challenging times?

Kimbery Faith is a speaker, trainer and executive coach who bases all of her work on a deep form of systemic practice, enabling her to train leaders at all levels in the tools and art of systems thinking and inspire them to integrate this approach to their personal and professional lives.

Her approach integrates her experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, to systems theory and personal branding, allowing her the privilege to have trained and coached over thirty thousand leaders from Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, American Airlines, BMW, Boeing, CVS, GE, HCA, Kimberly Clark, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft,, Nielsen, and Target.

Having read our book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, Kimberly took the opportunity to contact Maria and connect with us late last year as by chance she had been invited to São Paulo by one of her multinational clients. We spent the whole morning together on her final day have an absolutely wonderful conversation, which included Kimberly telling us about her own book Your Lion Inside: Discover the Power Within and Live Your Fullest Life, which was being readied for its expanded international edition.

Maria and I had the chance to read Your Lion Inside before we met up with Kimberly, and we could easily see how Kimberly could see the connection with our work and her own. She describes her book as “a manifesto for hope” and a “manual for truth” which was written to help women “be more, do more, and give more” and to help each of us help create a culture that values the contributions of women in both our organisational and personal lives.

Photo: Daniela Carvalho

Here in Brazil Maria has contributed to Empower Women Brasil, an initiative founded by Daniela Carvalho and Zoraide Stark, which was created to help organisations develop programmes, initiatives and other actions to support women entrepreneurs and leaders across the whole spectrum of Brazilian society. As a supporter of this initiative as well, I was really interested to explore Your Lion Inside, and it was extremely interesting to see the way in which Kimberly had created a series of seven structured archetypes, which she calls ‘The Sisterhood of Seven’, allowing her to reveal deap-seated patterns of thinking and behaviour which are often extremely difficult to perceive in ourselves when we lack the wisdom and guidance neccessary to help us break out of our old habits.

Maria was invited to write a testimony for this new edition which is included in the opening pages:

Your Lion Inside is one of the most important books for our time, providing new tools and stories to endow women with the power, strength, and hope necessary to allow them to shift into new ways of thinking and to live confident lives, where they are using all of their potential for the greater good of everyone. In a world which is still extremely challenging for women from any background or country, Your Lion Inside is one of the most clearly written and highly engaging guides for female empowerment and actualisation. Kimberly Faith has created an accessible yet deeply profound method for helping women understand the unseen narratives that are holding them back.”

On her return to the US, Kimberly invited Maria to carry on our conversation through her Sisterhood Report podcast. In this edition, which was published this month, Maria and Kimberly discuss many issues relating to the current and seemingly chaotic global environment, and how both men as well as women can develop in order to be able to fully face these challenges, developing wisdom and humility which allows us enter into a new form of collective learning to help us as humanity evolve: Episode 25: How Can We Build a World Where People and Planet Matter?

Around the world people are struggling in so many ways with the challenges and tragedies unfolding through the current coronavirus crisis. While recognising the pain and suffering which many are facing, the conversation provides a lot of positive encourangement and practical advice for how to embrace this seeming complexity, learn how to harness our global interconnectedness and share our passions, experiences, successes and failures.

As a business consultant I often see many instances of leaders who through their personal cultural prisms continually fail to understand the value of their female colleagues and collaborators who have so much to contribute to the development and success of organisations. It is such a waste of talent and resources and yet it is still so hard for those trapped in old patterns of thinking to be able to change. But as this conversation shows, women can tap into their own powers without first waiting for others to change, and this can help transform our society and planet for the better in these challenging times, which are calling us to work together in new and exciting ways.

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