How can we help non-commercial organisations manage through the Corona-19 crisis?

All around the world we are seeing the monumental and tragic impact of the Corona-19 crisis. People are suffering in many different ways, from those who lost loved ones, those who are working in exposed front-line jobs and our healthcare workers to name just a few. The lives of those people who live in impoverished conditions have been impacted even more due to not having access to their previous support organisations, and who are living in fear due to not being able to follow health guidelines due to having no access to soap and clean water, and living in densely populated housing.

While many commercial organisations are now facing an uncertain future, not-for-profit and volunteer organisations have also faced the same challenges, with disruption to their funding and activities curtailed due to the national lockdowns.

Credit: Holonomics

Part of the work that Maria and I do at Holonomics is to help this very sector become more effective, and that means developing a more structured way of working, using the very sames tools and methods that big businesses use. While some people in this may reject this approach due to being opposed to our current economic system and the injustices and damage which it causes, others find this type of advice and mentoring extremely helpful.

For example, concepts such as strategy, customer experience, value proposition and business model can offer trigger quite extreme reactions in people who then reject the valuable insights that these tools and techniques can offer.

At the heart of these methodologies are a series of questions, such as what exactly is that our organisation does, where should our focus lie, who is our main audience, how can we connect and communicate with them effectively, where, how and why are we able to add value and improve people’s lives, and how exactly do people experience our services which we offer?

Photo: Simon Robinson

This current crisis has shown many organisations the fact that they need to become comfortable with digital technologies, and also that they need to change the way in which they organise their operations to deal with this new reality. And while some organisations and leaders in this sector may with to carry on with their plans in exactly the same manner (i.e. business-as-usual), others are now understanding the need to rethink what it is that they can offer people based on rethinking how they see and work with their skills, knowledge and resources.

In order to help both commercial enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, Maria and I have worked with our friends at Methodical over the last couple of weeks to translate their Covid-19 battle plan into Portuguese.

The plan has a set of questions, distributed in nine dimensions, which will help people to visualise the best course of action at this current moment in time. At the end, this summary of the complete plan can be transferred into a single page grid.

Credit: Methodical

This structure can really help both leaders and changemakers explore all the factors that affect their organisations, no matter what sectore they are operating in, helping them to fully understand their challenges and opportunities and helping them to consider the implications that their decisions will have on their future.

The plan is can be downloaded free and is currently available in English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian, with more langauges coming soon. To access a copy, please visit

2 responses to “How can we help non-commercial organisations manage through the Corona-19 crisis?

  1. Excellent contribution, Simon! Many thanks for sharing the “battle plan”!
    Best regards and stay safe!

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