Discussing Collaboration and the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the SDG Talks

Credit: UN

The Brazilian Association for Sustainable Development Professionals (ABRAPS) is a non-profit institution committed to strengthening the performance of professionals who work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), in a differentiated and complementary manner to the approaches of other institutions who also work in this area.

The SDG Talks from ABRAPS is an event for all professionals who work in this area who want to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development to create business value, generate flourishing prosperity for society and maintain the resilience of the environment.

Credit: ABRAPS

Last year we took part in the opening panel session that will discuss education, science and technology for sustainability. Following our session we were interviewed by ABRAPS, having been asked to discuss Holonomics, collaboration and the SDG goals.

In this first video I talk about about flourishing business model design, collaboration and systems thinking in relation to the 17 UN SDG goals.

And in this second video (Portuguese), Maria discusses our holonomics approach, universal human values, regeneration and collaboration.

Our current Covid-19 crisis has really highlighted the need to discuss initiatives such as the SDG goals in a systemic manner, reminding us that in order that human life continues to flourish, embedded into our natural environment, we always need to conceive of planetary life as a single dynamic system, responsible for our health, our happiness and the harmony of our collective whole.

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