Digital Transformation, Social Inclusion and the Role of Deep Talent

Since the launch of our Deep Tech Network, I have been writing about the four interwoven key pillars of our conception of #DeepTech, and these are #DeepThinking, #DeepTech, #DeepTalent and #DeepCollaboration.

Camila Soares and Kelvin Fernandes de Almeida are two front-end developers who took the opportunity to join Vai na Web’s advanced digital programming teaching programme which was created to provide access for young residents of vulnerable communities in Rio de Janeiro.

Camila Soares and Kelvin Fernandes de Almeida

Camila and Kelvin personify our concept of #DeepTalent, and our belief that the most talented people are not always found in the most obvious or traditional institutions and places.

Vai na Web, who form part of the Deep Tech Network, have already trained more than 200 students free of charge, with the initiative receiving both national and international recognition. Their programme provides technical training, coaching in professional people skills, and helps place them in IT positions following their graduation.

Solutions to complex problems require plural teams with a diversity of thinking, training, framing, culture and knowledge, and for this reason many companies in Brazil are now seeking to work with Vai na Web to help them solve their challenges of filling positions in digital projects with talented young IT professionals and who can provide fresh new perspectives and contributions to projects which have a clear purpose and which require new voices with new perspectives, in order to be able to create systemic solutions to our social, economic and environmental challenges.

If you are interested in finding out more, please take a look at our new book Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation.

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