The launch of the group Living Human Values

New Facebook Group launches to help people understand and explore the benefits of living human values.

São Paulo, October 19, 2020

As some of you may know, in our two books Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter and Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design, Maria and I write about the five universal human values of inner peace, truth, love, righteousness and non-violence. These five universal values can be found in many different cultural traditions and several of the oldest writings in humanity, forming the basis of any healthy and prosperous human social system.

When we encounter and interact with the world around us guided by these principles, we value ourselves, become resilience, develop greater creativity, improve our ability to learn and are better able to deal with changes, challenges and adversities in life, as well being better able to enjoy our more quiet moments and positive phases.

So in order to rescue our fundamental essence as human beings, a new Portuguese-language group called Vivendo Valores Humanos (Living Human Values) is being launched on Facebook (@vivendovaloreshumanos). The goal is to facilitate in people the awakening of human values by providing access to weekly content, reflections, exchanges and ideas on how to put these values into practice, especially at this particular moment in time when the world is experiencing great challenges but which at the same time also presents us with a concrete opportunity to consciously and proactively make changes in our lives.

Some of the founders this week spoke this week about why the group was formed and how they felt that it could be of benefit to people.

According to Maria Moraes Robinson, “the moment we are living in is an invitation for us to reflect on who we are, our life in society and on which future we want to help build. We are the ones who create the world we live in, and so discovering what our essence is is the first step. Vivendo Valores Humanos is a great invitation to make this journey towards ourselves, by sharing with others in the group”.

Dalton de Souza Amorim points out that, “the reflection on principles relating to life, society and human life and the philosophical training of new generations used to be done at both home with the participation of grandparents, and in many schools and other environments. With the changes in the dynamics of society, there is a void of reflection on the world and on life. This group is a delicate opportunity to look again at what is most important for our human condition”.

The Facebook group is open for everyone to participate. According to Tadeu Navarro, “the opportunity to expand the conversation, understanding and practice of Human Values innate to all people, especially in this moment of distance and polarisation, is very auspicious. It is a very positive way of generating unity or relational connection, eliminating the differences and manipulations that can disconnect and divide us”.

The vision is for the group to become a space to allow people to share their own activities, creating a community of good practices that can help strengthen each one in overcoming their personal challenges.

Cristina Farias points out that “the group Vivendo Valores Humanos is a great opportunity to share actions and possibilities from our experiences with human values in everyday life, as well as to learn from other people’s experiences”.

To join the group, please visit The group will start its activities on October 23rd, 2020.

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