How Transition Consciousness is transforming this year

Hi everyone, as you may have noticed, I am now posting fewer articles here than I had been in the past. Please know that Transition Consciousness is very much alive and well, it is more a case of me consolidating a number of websites and social media accounts, in order to help my writing become more accessible and more visible to as many people as possible.

Photo: Paulo Fabre

For the last few months we have been working on our new Holonomics site, and I am now very pleased to be able to announce that this has now launched. We were delighted to work with Brazilian photographer and visual storyteller Paulo Fabre whose photographs you can view throughout our new site. Each photograph has been carefully curated to express the essence and idea in each page in which they have been located. In this way, we wished to recreate the experience of an art gallery, with the photographs collectively narrating in an artistic manner who we are, our Holonomics approach, our values, philosophy, products, services and design and business methodologies.

Photo: Paulo Fabre

Our website has not just been designed as a visual experience. We invited Paulo also to artistically curate every one of his photographs as alt text, ensuring that those visitors with visual impairments can also enjoy the depth of thinking and poetic narrative behind the visual narratives on each of our pages. Paulo had the great idea to express each photo in the form of haiku. (You can see some examples on our Photography page.)

We believe that this is the first time where alt tags have been used artistically to express both the visual experience in this manner as well as the creative idea behind the website as a unified whole. For a number of years I had been seeking a way to express Holonomics, the concepts and who Maria and I are as people in an innovative and striking way, one in which all parts of the website, text and illustrations, could be experienced as belonging together, a core conception in the dynamic way of understanding wholeness as described by philosopher Henri Bortoft. In this way, I feel that we have really achieved this level of authentic wholeness by taking into account the experience of all visitors to our site, and not just creating a purely visual design which is not fully inclusive and accessible.

The In Focus section on our new site will be where we post news items related to our consultancy work, our books, and our deep tech initiatives. So for those of you who have been following our work, please do feel free to sign up to our new email list in order not to miss any updates and articles.

I am a contributing writer to The Startup and UX Collective, two of the largest publications on Medium. So in order to consolidate our websites further, and avoid duplicate articles, my writings on customer experience design, design thinking, deep tech, startups and new technology are now going to be published on my Medium blog.

Holonomics is proud to be part of the Deep Tech Network, a new movement born in Brazil with an international reach which is the result of a collaboration between Holonomics1STi and Vai na Web, three organisations which have at their heart a singular mission to unite advanced technological innovations with consciousness and human values.

The New 4Ps – Credit: Holonomics, Photo: Paulo Fabre

The Deep Tech Network movement was therefore created with the objective of helping organisations to find deep solutions to complex problems, expanding their perceptions of the evolution of technology through developing a greater awareness of its impact on society and our planet. Throughout this year I will be sharing the developments, solutions and initiatives we will be launching, and inviting you all to participate in our deep tech revolution, creating social and regenerative impact around the world.

This last year has been extremely demanding for us all, and it has been a year of huge transition and transformation for Maria and myself, as we have expanded our focus from cultural transformation and customer experiences with soul, to digital transformation and deep tech ventures. I do look forward to you all accompanying us on our continued journey, and really cannot wait to share the projects we have been working on with our friends, colleagues and partners over the coming months.

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