What is the nature of educational leaders in transformative learning experiences?

With a mission of “Changing lives and changing the world”, Flinders University has a vision to be internationally recognised as a world leader in research, an innovator in contemporary education, and the source of Australia’s most enterprising graduates. Established in 1966 on the lands of the Kaurna nation, its main campus is located at Bedford Park, with additional Adelaide locations at Victoria Square and Tonsley.

For this reason it was an honour for Maria Moraes Robinson and I to learn today that our book Customer Experiences with Soul has been cited extensively in the doctoral thesis of Murray R. Fletcher, submitted last year to the College of Education, Psychology & Social Work at Finders University in Australia.

As those of you who have read our books, we work with an ontology of hermeneutical phenomenology in our explorations and understanding of lifeworlds and the lived experience of people in organisations, stakeholders and communities in addition of course to “customers”. 

In addition to our Customer Experiences with Soul framework, Fletcher also cites our work with Andrea Somoza-Norton from Cal Poly with who have published a previous academic article on our #Holonomics approach in relation to educational leadership.

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