Announcing our new book: Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation

Many of you who are regular visitors to Transition Consciousness may have been aware of a reduced number of articles the last few months. The reason is that this time has been extremely focused on the writing of our latest book which I am extremely happy to announce: Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation: How to elevate, scale and amplify your business through the New 4Ps of platforms, purpose, people and planet.

It was back in 2015 that I first introduced the New 4Ps, writing that “The new four Ps are People, Planet, Platforms and Purpose. The new economy is emerging, but for true collaboration to take place, there have to be both shared values and shared value.”

Maria and I created this framework to help leaders understand the way in which the global economic landscape was changing, generating many exciting new opportunities for organisations to demonstrate impact technologically, socially and ecologically. It provides organisations with the new logic, language and platform architectures neecessary to succeed in the digital economy.

The way in which we set out to do this was first by founding the Deep Tech Network, a collaboration between Holonomics1STi and Vai na Web, three organisations which have at their heart a singular mission to unite advanced technological innovations with consciousness and human values.

Our Deep Tech Network movement was therefore created with the objective of helping organisations to find deep solutions to complex problems, expanding their perceptions of the evolution of technology through developing a greater awareness of its impact on society and our planet.

Igor Couto, Maria Moraes Robinson and Simon Robinson

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation was written together with Igor Couto, CEO of 1STi to explain the way in which we work together in a multi-disciplinary approach to deep tech to help organisations elevate their value propositions, scale their platforms and amplify their impact. Our aim is to take readers into the heart of deep tech by explaining the platform architectures, design methodologies and human and planetary dimensions of the digital economy, allowing organisations to reach higher levels of actuation through more purposeful digital platforms and technology with soul.

The book has been conceived from a highly systemic framework, reflecting our multi-disciplinary approach to the design of deep tech platforms, systems and ecosystems. For this reason, we have included illustrated digital architecture platforms which will be invaluable for businesses and organisations who until now have struggled to fully integrate their platform and digital transformation initiatives.

Launching this summer, to find out more, please visit

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