Sustentare Business School announce International Seminar: Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation

We are extremely happy today to be launching the first MBA course based on our new book Deep Tech and the Amplified together with Sustentare Business School. Below is the press release about the course published by Sustentare.

Joinville, 8th September 2021

The traditional Sustentare Business School International Seminar will address an unprecedented topic: Deep Tech and the Amplified Organization, with lecturers Maria Moraes Robinson and Simon Robinson, authors of the book of the same name. The book was written together with Igor Couto and was released this September. “Sustentare will be the first business school to present a course on this theme” Maria Moraes Robinson emphasised.

The International Seminar will be held on September 17th and 18th, and will introduce themes from the book which was written for leaders, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, changemakers and all those who seek to face the challenge of creating a transformation that matters in their organisations. Throughout the course, fundamental conceptions, frameworks and methodologies will be presented and discussed so that participants understand the main drivers of change in the current scenario and can understand how they should prepare and what to do to adapt to the new challenges presented by the business environment.

“A new economic era called the Digital Economy is emerging, driven by advances in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and biotechnology. The challenge now for companies and organisations is to understand how to reach their full potential by integrating their strategy, platforms, digital operations, human resources and analytics capabilities into a single systemic operating model”, explains Simon Robinson, anticipating a bit of what students can expect from International Seminar.

And as Maria Moraes Robinson adds, “it is a great joy to be able to present our Deep Tech approach at Sustentare, a business school that has always brought pioneering themes to its students and whose purpose is to amplify its positive impact on people and the planet”.

For more information about the course please visit:

To find out more about the book please visit:

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