The Regenerative Dimension of Technology

Deep tech is transforming the way we understand technology and is shaping our world in ways we have never seen before. Those leaders of the future who will be successful in the design and application of deep tech will not just be those who focus on the technological dimension but understand it as a multi-dimensional concept. This can be achieved through the emergence of amplified organisations—intentional regenerative businesses which are purposeful, engaged and hyperconnected, continually evolving themselves guided by their north star of the New 4Ps.

In September of last year we launched our latest book, Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation. Our vision was to create an indispensable guide for leaders, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs and changemakers who are seeking to rise to the challenge of creating transformation that matters. In our book we present our amplified organisation blueprint, allowing leaders to understand advanced technologies from the systemic perspective of our New 4Ps framework of platforms, purpose, people, and planet.

The reason why the New 4Ps now lie at the heart of any organisation’s strategy is that purpose renders our experience of products and services as meaningful; platforms extend our reach into any place; people are the promoters of those brands which make a difference to their lives; and planetary damage is no longer a price we as society are willing to pay.

The Amplified Organisation Blueprint ©Simon Robinson, Igor Couto and Maria Moraes Robinson, 2021

In our book we describe our Deep Tech Discovery design methodology. This was created to help senior executive teams integrate deep technologies and practices into their organization’s strategy, digital operating model, and digital systems, and look at how they provide value to people society in new ways by first expanding the organisation’s collective consciousness and transforming it’s cultural mental models.

In essence, before we can transform as designers and enterpreneurs, we first have to change our way of seeing. An example of this is Almanaque Digital, an educational deep tech application Holonomics has been developing in partnership with Instituto Elifas Andreato, which embodies the complete essence of our conception of deep tech and New 4Ps and which is designed to help people develop self-esteem, a sense of place and a positive impact on the planet through education and helping local communities learn how to flourish and thrive locally.

Our process of value proposition elevation integrates universal human values with an organisation’s corporate values, strategy, and platform architecture. It works by analysing and then elevating an existing value proposition through the lenses of i) planetary challenges, ii) the organisation’s values and iii) its future-fit vision.

By transparently demonstrating how the organisation is generating net-positive economic, social, and environmental value through benchmarks such as the Future-Fit Benchmark, big tech can help people understand the often hidden links between an organisation’s values, culture, strategy, and operations.

And by founding our conception of deep tech on universal human values, our hope is to help organisations become open to the ways in which they can contribute to prosperous and flourishing economic systems and amplify their positive impact across business ecosystems, society, and our planet.

The reason I wanted to write this article is that due to the amazing reception our book has received around the world, over the last few months it has been been featured across leading journals like Forbes, CEO Magazine, Tech for Good, HR Future, The European, Elite Business, Indian Management and Fiance Monthly, as well as global online publications such as Enlivening Edge, Authority Magazine, Irish Tech News, We Are Tech Women, IT Pro and The People Space.

I received so many invitations to contribute articles and take part in interviews that I simply have not had time to also write articles for Transition Consciousness. In order to redress this, I therefore thought that since so many of you are interested in these themes that I would provide links to just a few of these articles which you can see below.

I was invited by Ambition Magazine, published by The Association of MBAs, to discuss the way in which deep tech is shaping the digital economy. In this article I focus on how our definition of deep tech platforms is shaped by the New 4Ps of platforms, purpose, people and profit. I also the way in which our Deep Tech Discovery process amplifies organisations’ agile processes and develops engagement across all contributors and stakeholders:

The rise of deep tech – everything leaders need to know

In December of last year Indian Management magazine published my article ‘Reach Deep’ in which I introduce Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation:

Reach Deep

In this article written for Finance Monthly I explore the way in which the digital economy will impact global business in relation to our expanded and regenerative conception of deep tech:

How Will the Digital Economy Revolutionise Business by 2030?

Maria wrote this article for We Are Tech Women, despite the significant technological advances and the new opportunities which they represent for organisations, women are still greatly underrepresented in deep tech:

How deep tech can help close the gender gap

Recognised by Women in Tech as one of their Inspirational Tech Advocates for her work in developing an expanded and inclusive conception of deep tech, it is also well worth reading this interview in which she discusses her professional career, the challenges that woman in tech face, and provides advice for those women looking to develop a career in technology:

Inspirational Woman: Maria Moraes Robinson | CEO, Holonomics

Both Maria and I received an invitation from People Management magazine, published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK, to discuss the way in which AI can contribute to the development of more diverse and inclusive workforces:

How AI can help build a diverse workforce

In this article published by Irish Tech News, I explain how the power of the New 4Ps lie in their ability to help executive teams understand their organisations from a systemic perspective, using these four variables to initiate new conversations around how their organisations will now deliver elevated forms of value which benefits people and our planet through solving our most pressing social and ecological challenges:

How the New 4Ps are key to surviving the digital economy

This is an extremely interesting in-depth interview Maria gave to Authority Magazine in which she explores many of the challenges women face working in technology:

Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: Maria Moraes Robinson of Holonomics On The 5 Leadership Lessons She Learned From Her Experience

Enlivening Edge invited me to write this review of our new book Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation in which I explore the way in which our systemic conception of organisations in this new age of deep tech and web 3.0 relates to Fredrick Laloux’s conception of wholeness and conscious leadership in Reinventing Organizations:

How Can Teal Leaders Amplify their Organisations in the Age of Deep Tech?

In this article for CEO Today magazine, I discuss the fact that our most advanced technologies alone will not be humanity’s salvation and that CEOs are now required to develop a systemic conception of the very nature of deep tech:

How Deep Tech Can Help CEOs Save the Planet

In this article written for Ambition magazine, published by the Association of MBAs, Maria shares an invitation to forward-thinking leaders to take an expanded conception of deep tech by embedding universal human values in their tech, people and purpose.

How can tech giants regain users’ trust?

Maria also write this article for Insight Magazine on how the metaverse will change the future of work, explaining how those organisations which will flourish in the future will be those which focus on the human dimension as much as the technological, building purposeful innovation cultures based on a more humanised and conscious approach to work:

The metaverse will change the future of work. Here’s how

With a career spanning 30 years in human-centred design and innovation, it was great to be invited by Digital Bulletin magazine for their ‘A Life in Tech’ interview in which I had a chance to discuss the evolution of mobile internet technologies and also look to the future in relation to our New 4Ps framework and the role of universal human values in deep tech.

This is a really excellent article by Maria who was invited by CEO Today magazine to analyse the current challenges facing Facebook from her perspective of deep tech and universal human values:

The Dangers Of Putting Profit Before Customers

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation: How to elevate, scale and amplify your business through the New 4Ps of platforms, purpose, people and planet is published by Holonomics Publishing and is available from Amazon and all good online bookstores.

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