Discussing Holonomics, Deep Tech and Amplified Organisations with Technology Magazine

I’m truly honoured to be recognised as a technology trailblazer by Technology Magazine who interviewed me for their April edition.

I spoke to them about my early work in the 90s developing smart phones, co-founding Genie Internet, one of the UK’s first startups, and our work in deep tech and Holonomics.

Technology Magazine, April 2022

It was great to see that they have included some of Paulo C. Fabre Oliveira Jr.‘s amazing photography from our website, an example of the way in which we integrate artistic consciousness and visual stories into our approach to customer and employee engagement.

I also love the way that they highlighted the fact that universal human values provide the foundation for everything we do relating to the design, implementation and use of deep technologies.

In addition to the interview, I also had the opportunity to to discuss Holonomics, deep tech and amplified organisations on The Technology Magazine Show with BizClik Media Group’s Chief Content Officer, Scott Birch, Editor-In-Chief of Technology Magazine, Alexander Tuck and Editor-In-Chief of AI Magazine, Catherine Gray.

During the conversation I discussed our systemic and regenerative approach to deep tech and how we are helping organisations achieve both digital and cultural transformation.

You can read my complete entire interview here: Trailblazer: Simon Robinson, Author and CEO of Holonomics

And if you are interested in learning more about our design approach and methodologies, our book, Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation is available from Amazon and all major book sellers worldwide.

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