Our Collective Consciousness

For more than a year now I have been contemplating the many different realities people are living in, despite tragedies such as the Covid pandemic affecting us globally and collectively.

Photo: Simon Robinson

On every single challenge humanity we are confronting, it seems at times almost impossible to enter into meaningful dialogue due to the splintering of worldviews and entrenched opinions. I see anger, fear, anxiety, blame and uncertainty expressed and articulated on social media, with very little truly meaningful conversations.

I myself am now taking time to reflect, learn, observe and do my best not to enter into our collective consciousness as we all contemplate our paths ahead of us and how we are now to proceed. This I think is one of the most important stances we can take, be of this world but not in it – hearts in the forst but hands still in the cities, helping others to the best of our abilities and resources.

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