Discussing Regenerative Business with Dr Jürgen Strauss

I was recently invited by Dr. Jürgen Strauss to join him in conversation for his InnovaBuzz podcast series. This was one of the most enjoyable conversations I have had in relation to how we are applying Holonomics to organisational and digital transformation in business, because of the way in which I was able to explain from a systemic approach our work which now spans three books: Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, Customer Experiences with Soul and Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation.

In order to give you a flavour of the topics we covered, I’d like to share with you these highlights from our conversation.

I would very much like to thank Júrgen for inviting me on to his podcast, and I highly recommend that you check out all of his other Innovabuzz episodes which cover a wide range of fascinating topics.

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