Talks and Workshops

How can organizations activate purposes through customer experience design? On the SB’16 Bangkok stage, Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson, the authors of ‘Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter’, talk about their framework Customer Experiences with Soul where companies can apply the holonomic approach to the area of customer experience.

On this page you can find out where and when I am next teaching and presenting. I have written a number of articles relating to these courses, and you can read these by clicking on the relevant links below.


Regeneration webinar

July 8th, 2017, Regeneration! A Systems View of Life webinar with Fritjof Capra and Daniel Christian Wahl. In this webinar Fritjof Capra will be discussing the systems view of life with Daniel Christian Wahl, author of Designing Regenerative Cultures, and Simon Robinson, co-author of Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design and Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter.


May 27th, 2017, Strategy for Activists, Capra Course Alumni Network Masterclass, Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson

FCE Insight Experience

May 25th, Insight Experience, FCE Cosmetique, Customer Experiences with Soul, São Paulo, Brazil.

May 24th, Insight Experience, FCE Pharma, Customer Experiences with Soul, São Paulo, Brazil.


28th – 29th April, The Ecologic of the New Economy, Athens, Greece. Inspired by Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, and hosted by New Wrinkle and Apivita, and with the participation of Tridos Bank, this two-day event will explore Holonomics, Customer Experiences with Soul and the New Economy.


January 2017, The Holonomics Approach: Introducing Deep Systems Thinking into Organisations, Capra Course Alumni Network Masterclass, Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson


Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group13th December, Customer Experiences with Soul – A Strongly Sustainable Approach to Authentic Stakeholder Relationship, Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, OACD University, Toronto (via video).


December 9th, Planetary Transformation: The Future of Society, Environment, Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a webinar with Fritjof Capra, Simon Robinson and Benjamin Butler. For information on how to watch please see the webinar page on The Emerging Future Institute.


November 19th, Holonomics, Second Education in Human Values Seminar, Belo Horizonte, MG, with Maria Moraes Robinson


November 17th – 18th – ReThink Business, Expert Panel Session, Revealing New Worlds – Exploring Futurism, Technology and Innovation in Relation to Being, Consciousness and Purpose and Value, São Paulo

SB Final Logo

October 13th – Sustainable Brands Bangkok – Plenary Session, Customer Experiences with Soul, workshop, Designing Customer Experiences with Soul, with Maria Moraes Robinson. Full programme

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 10.42.39

28th September – Capra Course – Join Fritjof Capra and explore the new systemic conception of life at the forefront of science and its application in economics, management, politics, design, medicine, and law –

Sustainable Cosmetics

September 14th – 16th, Holonomics and Customer Experiences with Soul – A Fresh Approach to Marketing, Sustainable Cosmetics, São Paulo


1st September – 3rd November, Transformational Design Thinking – PUC-SP, São Paulo – A unique course which brings together Design Thinking, Holonomics and Customer Experiences with Soul where the emphasis is on both transformational design and the personal transformation of the designer.

Fritjof Capra webinar

3rd August, Sustainable Brands webinar, Introducing the Systems View of Life into Organisations. In this webinar Simon Robinson, co-author of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, will discuss with Fritjof Capra the importance to global brands of developing their own systems view of life, and what guidance and inspiration change agents working with brands can learn.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.25.14 July 22nd – July 23rd – Customer Experiences with Soul – International Seminar – Sustentare Business School, Joinville, Santa Catarina

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 19.05.16June 2016 – Customer Experiences with Soul – A new vision for sustainable brands, SOS Liderança, an online summit hosted by Instituto POTHUM , registration is free:

The Purposeful Enterprise SummitApril 10th – 15th Online – Holonomics: How Holonomic Thinking can contribute to developing purpose, values and profound organisational change. With Maria Moraes Robinson and Jenny Andersson.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 10.42.39

April 6th – June I am pleased to be joining Fritjof Capra for the first edition of Capra Course, his new online course based on his book The Systems View of Life. Registrations are now open:


Green Spa Network26th – 30th September – Holonomic Thinking and the Re-envisioning of Spas for the New Economy, keynote presentation and leadership workshop, 8th Annual Congress of the Green Spa Network, Tenaya Lodge, Yosemite National Park, California

Harvard Business Review Brasil smallSeptember 3rd – Encontro On Point HBR Brasil: Gestão da Mudança Integrando Transformação Continua em Ambientes Complexos (HBR Brazil On Point Encounter: Change Management – Integrating Continual Transformation in Complex Environments, Harvard Business Review Events, São Paulo

Sustainable Brands RioAugust 26th – Holonomic Thinking: How to Upgrade Your Systems Thinking and Leadership Skills for the New Economy, with Maria Moraes Robinson, Sustainable Brands, Rio de Janeiro

TEDx FloripaJune 27th – Customer Experiences with Soul, TEDx Floripa, Florianoplis

Rebel Jam 2015June 26th, Holonomic Thinking and the Sandals of Humility, Rebel Jam: Stories of Change, global 24 on-line festival hosted by Rebels at Work and Corporate Rebels United

Sustainable Brands logo June 1st – Holonomic Thinking: How to Upgrade Your Systems Thinking and Leadership Skills for the New Economy, Sustainable Brands, San Diego

FAAP14th May – Holonomic Thinking and Design – Authentic Wholeness and Great Customer Experiences, Design Holandês, FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil

ACIJ15th April – Complexity, Chaos and the Internationalisation of Business, 4º Meeting Comex, Joinville, Brazil


3rd – 5th November – Holonomic Thinking: Upgrading Our Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New EconomySustainable Brands, London

17th October, Holonomic Thinking, Leadership, Strategy and Complex Environments, Buenos Aires, in partnership with Buhar – Desarrollo Organizacional

4th October, The History of Smart Phones and the Mobile Internet – Lessons for Customer Experience and Service Design, Service Design Talks 2014, São Paulo

4th September, Holonomic Thinking – Developing Sustainable Leadership, 3rd Forum of Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP), Brasilia

5th – 6th September – Complexity, Chaos and Education, Sustentare Escola de Negócios, Joinville

1st – 2nd August – Complexity, Chaos and Strategy, International Seminar, Sustentare Escola de Negócios, Joinville

18th April – The Journey into Adulthood – Putting Human Values into Action, 10th Congress of Education in Human Values, Ribeirão Preto, with Maria Moraes Robinson

28th March – From Economic to Holonomic Brand Values, Opening Keynote, Latin American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit, São Paulo

21st – 22nd March – Complexity, Chaos and Leadership, International Seminar, Sustentare Escola de Negócios, Blumenau

9th January – Holonomics: Applying the teachings and philosophy of Schumacher College in business, Schumacher College, Devon, UK, with Maria Moraes Robinson and Satish Kumar


18th April – Complexidade, Caos e Educação (Complexity, Chaos and Education), Seminário Internationcional (International Seminar), Sustentare, Joinville

3rd April – Complexity, Biomimicry, Transition and Smart Cities, ÁgoraLab, Spaiens Parks, Florianopolis


9th – 10th November, Complexity, Chaos and Business Strategy, MBA Module, Sustentare Escola de Negócios, Joinville

8th November, Palestra Internacional: Discutindo Significado em um Mundo Complexo, Sustentare Escola de Negócios, Joinville

24th September, Alinhamento entre Estratégia Corporativa e Sustentabilidade, MBA Module, Fundação Instituto de Administração in partnership with Instituto Jatobás

15th September, Chaos, Complexity, Creativity and Innovation, MBA Module, UNICAMP

8th August, Sustainability Workshop, Comunidade de Gestão da Estratégia (CGE), São Paulo

18th – 19th May, Complexity, Human Capital and Education, Sustentare Escola de Negócios, Joinville – Brazil

This module is part of the post-graduate course Education, Organisational Development and Training

For more information please see my article Reflections on my two days at Sustentare Business School

21st and 22nd April, Meditation and Dance Drumming Workshops, Chiswick, London

17th April Holistic Science in Practice, Schumacher College, Devon, UK

See the related article Process and Pilgrimage: A Dialogue on Wholeness with Philip Franses

28th and 29th January, Meditation and Dance Drumming Workshops, London


3rd November Introduction to Integral Thinking: Chaos, Complexity, Innovation and Creativity, Symnetics, Santiago – Chile

20th October 8o Fórum iNOVAção Internacional, Sustentare Escola de Negócios, Joinville

21st – 22nd October Introduction to Integral Thinking: Complexity, Innovation and Creativity, Pós-MBA, Sustentare Escola de Negcóios, Joinville – Brazil

3rd October Order and Chaos, Innovation and Creativity, ESPM, São Paulo

June – July Guest Professor, Complexity Management, Executive MBA, BSP, São Paulo

22nd February Holistic Thinking in Theory and Practice, Fundação Dom Cabral, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


23rd July, Transition and Happiness, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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