Holonomics Education

Who We Are


Holonomics Education is a company dedicated to helping businesses and institutions implement programmes of profound organisational change. These programmes are designed to reach every person across the whole organisation.


The way we do this is to help inspire people within these organisations to think and see differently. Hence we help people to develop an expanded level of consciousness and to understand the importance of universal human values.


Our programmes are designed empower leaders with these deep insights across every activity within the organisation, such as strategy, HR, innovation, sustainability, planning and operations. We do this using our unique courses, workshops, masterclasses and Holonomics change management process.


We then provide on-going support through further coaching, consulting and facilitating communities of best practice, to ensure that our clients are able to design new business models, effect change both internally and across their ecosystems and supply chains, obtaining remarkable and sustainable results.

What We Do


We always start by helping people to see and think dynamically. Any profound change can only be realised with an expansion of consciousness.


We take a systemic approach to the analysis of the problem being analysed and the structure of the organisation and business.


We then implement powerful solutions which transform the whole organisation – both the people and the business models, strategies and way of working.


Everything we do is infused with the five universal human values of peace, truth, love, right-action and non-violence. These human values lead to authentic dialogue, agile ways of working and more engaged people.

More Information

Holonomics Education (English): www.holonomics.co.uk

Holonomics Educação (Portuguese): www.holonomics.com.br

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