Guest Article: Lourenço Bustani – How Mandalah are Shifting the Consciousness of Politics in Brazil

Credit: Mandalah

Credit: Mandalah

I am delighted to be able to share this news from Lourenço and my friends from Mandalah, a global consultancy founded on the philosophy of conscious innovation. Mandalah started life in São Paulo in Brazil, but  now have an influential global presence. 

The Launch of Mandalah PP

Lourenço Bustani

Lourenço Bustani

Lourenço Bustani

After over 7 years of working with the private sector as our primary focus for achieving positive transformation, the time has arrived to extend conscious innovation into new areas and contribute to new forms of development in the country. It is with great pride – a national pride – that Lourenço and Tom were in Brasilia yesterday to announce, at a lecture in the Auditorium of the Legislative Assembly, the launch of Mandalah PP (Public Policies).

Mandalah PP is a new area at Mandalah focused on delivering content for political programs. The initiative is nonpartisan and intends to help elected governments, in both campaigning and realizing government plans that are more aligned with the real needs of the population. In other words, we want to create dialogues that until now have not existed between the public sector, civil society and the private sector, so that together we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Lourenço Bustani

Lourenço Bustani

Mandalah PP is a partnership with Beto Lago, founder of Mercado Mundo Mix and an individual with vast experience in the creative economy and public policy. For example, Beto recently designed the new law on street food in São Paulo. In order to protect the transparency of our work, the idea is that a website is created and constantly updated with information on all activities completed by Mandalah PP.

This is our humble attempt to actively participate in this unique moment in Brazil’s history, supporting and empowering our public policies. Many thanks to everyone who has believed in and supported this project. Let’s move forward, with a thirst for knowledge. After all, we need to abandon once and for all the promise of being the country of the future and become the country of the present!

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