Key Articles

On this page you will find some of my key articles. You may also be interested in my book reviews and guest articles from invited writers such as Fritjof Capra, Iain McGilchrist, Alan Moore and David Seamon.

Simon Robinson

Integration of Holonomic Thinking in Educational Leadership Development Courses, Andrea Somoza-Norton, Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson, Journal of Management Science and Business Intelligence, 2017, 2–1,

May 2017, pages 1-8
doi: 10.5281/zenodo.581
ISBN 2472-9264 (Online), 2472-9256 (Print)

Harvard Business Review

Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson, Não Comece um Negócio, Comece uma Cruzada (Don’t Start a Business, Start a Crusade), Harvard Business Review Brasil, March 2016, HBR Reprint R1603G-P

Maria Moraes Robinson and Simon Robinson, Holonomic Thinking – Como transformar estratégias e resultados por meio de um novo sistema operacional mental, Harvard Business Review Brasil, April 2014, HBR Reprint R14004H-P

Liderança em transformação em ambientes complexos

Fórum de Inovação Brasil 2013


Customers, Experiences and Soul

Helping Business to Listen to Nature through Deep Ecology

Wholeness and Finding the Spirituality in Science

How can Brands Express Wholeness, Being and Soul?

Belonging Together in Nature – Deepening our Sense of Systems in the World

How we can discover wholeness by going into the act of seeing

Seeing and Sensing Wholeness in Nature and Organisations

Capra Course Masterclass: How to Engage Organisations with Systems Thinking

Capra Course Masterclass: Strategy for Activists

Putting the Soul into the Experience Economy

Apivita – Where Purpose, Values, Beauty, Well-Being and Customer Experience Meet

The Green Spa Network Interviews

Trying to Get to the Milk by Way of the Cheese Part One

Trying to Get to the Milk by Way of the Cheese Part Two

Trying to Get to the Milk by Way of the Cheese Part Three

Integrated Reporting and Holonomic Thinking: The Re-envisioning of Organisations

Pathways Through Holonomics Part One

Pathways Through Holonomics Part Two

The Rediscovery of Colour (Supplemental Material for Holonomics)


Dear Green – A Flourishing Coffee Business in the Heart of Glasgow

Corporate Punks – A Contradiction in Terms?

Dialogue on Leadership: Women in Science and Engineering

The Disruption of Disruptors and the Dynamics of Being

Dialogue on Leadership: Simon Sinek on Why Great Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Dialogue on Leadership: Generation Flux Say Goodbye to Org. Charts

Successful Leadership in the Sharing Economy – The Journey to Authentic Dialogue

People, Platforms and Purpose: Gunther Sonnenfeld Discusses Business Design and the Future of Work

Dialogue on Leadership: Fritjof Capra – Living Systems, Leadership and Agile Organisations

Narratives, Knotworks and Authentic Networks

How Tackling Envy is Key for Leaders in the New Economy

Beware of Knotworks – Networks with Ego

On Creativity, Ego and Transformational Leadership

Developing Sustainable Leadership and Holonomic Thinking

Dialogue on Leadership: Maria Moraes Robinson on the Balanced Scorecard, Wholeness and Authentic Leadership

Dialogue on Leadership: Luís Norberto Pascoal, President of DPaschoal

Dialogue on Leadership: Presidents who Practice Mindfulness – Two Amazing Examples from Brazil

Dialogue on leadership: An evening with Otto Scharmer

Dialogue on Leadership: Rob Hopkins on the evolution of the Transition Towns Movement

Dialogue on Leadership: The Transition of Organisations in Brazil with Mônica Picavêa

Dialogue on Leadership: Maria Auxiliadora’s Meditation on Starlings

Dialogue on Leadership: Maria Auxiliadora on Goethe the Business Guru

Dialogue on Leadership: Discussing Complexity in the UK Construction Industry with Dr. Dimitris Antoniadis

Dialogue on Leadership: Discussing sustainability with Jochen Zeitz, CEO of Puma

The most important dialogue group in Latin America part one – Transition consciousness in action

The most important dialogue group in Latin America part two – Discussing sustainability

The most important dialogue group in Latin America part three – Re-cognition and the dynamics of thinking

Dialogue on Leadership: What can Goethe teach people in business? Otto Scharmer interviews Thomas Johnson


The Future of Value Generation – Value Propositions Where People and Planet Matter

From Economic Brand Value to Holonomic Brand Value

Strategy Execution Summit 2013: A Evolução Necessária na Gestão da Estratégia

Strategy Execution Summit 2013 Day One: The Transition of Business

Strategy Execution Summit 2013 Day Two: The Transformative Learning Journey

Strategy Execution Summit 2013: Ducks, Rabbits and Wittgenstein

The Necessary Evolution: The Strategy Execution Summit, São Paulo – August 2013

Leadership in Transformation in Complex Environments

Intuition, feeling and ethics in organisations

Sustentare – Brazil’s visionary business school

Brazil’s first forum on Bioeconomics

Brazil’s second forum on Bioeconomics

Brazil’s Second Bioeconomics Forum: Homo Evolutis – Are You Ready For Genetically Modified Us?

Discussing sustainability at the Strategy Execution Summit 2012, São Paulo, Brazil

Strategy Execution Summit 2011: Reflections on four days with Satish Kumar in São Paulo

Holacracy – A New Operating System for Organisations – Who they are, what do they do, and why they are interesting

Book Review: Business Model Generation

Rotten Apples part 2: A Simple Way to Recycle Your Old Computer

Dialogue, Design, Innovation and Creative Thinking

Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity in our Lives – Lessons from Ride

The Quest for Beauty

The Transition of Futurology

Where Design Thinking and Complexity Collide

Customer Experiences with Soul

Setting Out Clearly the Challenge for Web 4.0 Search and Social

Reflections on Quantum Wholeness

Algar Group – Engaging Whole Organisations for Innovation in Times of Crisis

Holonomic Thinking and Design

If Paradigm Shifts are Dead What Next?

This is Service Design Thinking – the 2014 Service Design Talks, São Paulo

Some notes on Business Design, Customer Experience and Systems Thinking

Holonomic Brand Values: What can we learn from a Brazilian gym?

Playing with Holograms and the Gamification of Philosophy

BT’s OnePhone – Understanding the difference between the customer experience and design thinking

Strategy Execution Summit 2013: Customer Experience, Lived Experience and Seeing the Whole System

Brazil’s Innovation Forum 2013

A Brief (and Personal) History of Mobile Telephony 1992 – 2002

The Human Factor: BT’s Design Thinking and Business Design in the early 1990s

Dialogue, Conversation and the Art of Laura Tetrault

Classic Paper – Dialogue: A Proposal

Reflection on Dialogue and Peter Senge’s “Ladder of Intention”

Brazil’s Innovation Forum 2013

If Design Thinking is Dead then What Next?

Can a 10 kg lump of clay help us see better than Google’s new glasses?

A tale of two airlines: Brazil’s Gol and Azul

Let’s Hack Brazil! Thoughts on the implications for Twitter’s move into Brazil

Innovation, creativity, dialogue and trust: a recipe for success for Brazil

Merleau-Ponty, Perception, and Environmental Embodiment: Implications for Architectural and Environmental Studies

Holistic Thinking, Creativity and Innovation (a short video in English with Portuguese subtitles) (English/Português)

The Phenomenology of Game Design

Why visionaries, design thinkers and business leaders need to study the history of science

Porque visionários, design thinkers e líderes de negócios precisam estudar a História da Ciência

Complexity and Chaos

A Biology and Business Worthy of Life – The Paradigm Shift of Organisms and Organisations

Book Review: The Systems View of Life: Part Two – Into the Phenomenon

Book Review: The Systems View of Life: Part One – An Exploration of Themes

White Paper: Changing mental models of complexity in Brazilian MBA students – a high impact approach

Complexity, Flow, Mindfulness and Holonomic Thinking

Exploring Chaos, Fractals and Bifurcation

Why people in HR need to become masters of complexity and chaos

The Blind Spot of Generation Flux

O Ponto Cego da Geração Flux (Português)

Can Generation Flux Learn from Starlings

Braziliance! Chaos and Complexity, Philosophy and Flux Through Brazilian Eyes – Reflections from Sustentare

Making Sense in a Complex World – References

Changing mental models of complexity: “Now I define complexity as a window on the world”

Reflections on my two days at Sustentare Business School

Changing Mental Models of Complexity

On the Cutting Edge of Chaos – Chaos and Complexity, Creativity and Innovation in Business

Who’s Afraid of Complexity?

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

The Importance of Framing when Moving to Non-Linear Thinking

A Review of Santa Fe’s Complexity Explorer MOOC and the Future of Education

Book Review: Smart Swarm – Using Animal Behaviour to Change our World

Book Review: Thinking Like a Plant: A Living Science for Life by Craig Holdrege

Transition, Consciousness, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Story Telling

Brands which treat customers like idiots are not sustainable

The Hermeneutic Dimension of Living Organisations

Some notes on storytelling and sensemaking

The Expression of Phenomenology in Business

Understanding metaphors of organisations through the two modes of consciousness

Star Wars and the Intersection of Game Play with Storytelling – Changing Our Collective Stories

Intuition, Paradigm Shifts and the Four Qualities of Knowing

A slightly deeper look at Storytelling

The saying of what you meant to say – a deeper look at Storytelling

I’ll wash your mouth out with soap and water – literally

Book Review: Will McInnes – Culture Shock – A Handbook for 21st Century Business

The Value of Phenomenology and Hermeneutics


The Development of Truly Authentic Sustainable Brands

Lyf Shoes – A Radical New Sustainable Product Design Paradigm

Authentic and counterfeit wholes in São Paulo

Harmonia 57: São Paulo’s living, breathing eco building

The Lifecycle of our Electronic Gadgets, the True Cost to Earth, and How We Move to Business Inspired by Nature

Ciclismo na Grã-Bretanha: O que o Brasil Pode Aprender?

A Day in The Life: Our Toxic Lives

The BCI Network: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation

São Paulo hid its rivers so that cars could pass

NATO’s Seven Policy Switches for Global Security

Book discussion: The Nature of Business by Giles Hutchins

Grow Small, Think Beautiful: Ideas for a Sustainable World from Schumacher College

Smart Cities

Developing smart cities, smart regions and smart technology in Florianopolis, Brazil

New Cities Summit 2013 São Paulo – Review Day One

New Cities Summit 2013 São Paulo – Review Day Two

Ingrid Stefanovic introduces ‘The Natural City – Re-Envisioning the Built Environment’

Goethe and Henri Bortoft

Henri Bortoft’s Lecture on Goethean Science

Artistic Consciousness and Rudolf Steiner’s Theory of Colour

Understanding the Disclosive Role of Language

An Instance Worth a Thousand Bearing All Within Itself

What is a Phenomenon?

Goethe on Sensemaking

Tributes to Henri Bortoft (1938 – 2012)

Simon Robinson remembers Henri Bortoft

Henri Bortoft in his own words

Book Review Taking Appearance Seriously Henri Bortoft

Encountering Henri Bortoft

What can Goethe teach people in business? Otto Scharmer interviews Thomas Johnson

Creative conversation: What can a £9 glass prism teach visionaries, design thinkers and game changers?

Blistering Barnacles! What I learned from reading Darwin

How many potatoes can you see?

Goethe’s Greatest Achievement

Exploring Gadamer’s Truth and Method

Exploring Gadamer’s Truth and Method: The Truth and Experience of Art

Exploring Gadamer’s Truth and Method: The Ontology of the Work of Art and Its Hermeneutic Significance

Exploring Gadamer’s Truth and Method: The History of Hermeneutics

Exploring Gadamer’s Truth and Method: Elements of a Theory of Hermeneutic Experience

Exploring Gadamer’s Truth and Method – Language as the Medium of the Hermeneutic Experience

Exploring Gadamer’s Truth and Method – Final Reflections

Exploring Wittgenstein

Arrogance Eats Ontology for Breakfast

Exploring Wittgenstein: The Early Years

Exploring Wittgenstein: Transition


In Praise of Globo TV’s Navegador

Compassion, Forgiveness and Joia Rara – Further Thoughts

In Praise of Joia Rara – Brazil’s Buddhist Soap Opera

Compassion, forgiveness and Joia Rara – further thoughts

The Romantic Conception of Life in Joia Rara

The Problem with the Problem of Women in Philosophy

Developing self-esteem in school children in Brazil

I never want to hear Brazil say sorry for their sport

The Revolutionary Music of Brazil

Onde estão as camisetas escritas em português? (Where are all the t-shirts written in Portuguese?) (Article is written in both English and Portuguese)

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