How FR8 used the Flourishing Business Canvas to Develop a Disruptive Sustainable Start-up

Greg Nakonecznyj founder of Freight Living Solutions, a net-zero modular housing company which uses upcycled used shipping containers and off-grid technology to build sustainable homes for millennials in the housing industry. In the video below, Greg explains the structure of their business model using the Flourishing Business Canvas.

The canvas was created by Antony Upward and is now being fine-tuned and validated by the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, of which I am a member. In this video, Greg starts with the four main perspectives of People, Value, Processes and Outcomes in order to explain the complexities and the context of developing and implementing sustainable housing solutions.

What I like about this video is that Greg explains the rationale behind the original business model for FR8, explaining how “FR8 Living Solutions is aiming to disrupt an industry which on a technological and practical level has not changed in close to two hundred years” explaining how construction is still done on site and materials are not renewable at their end of their life-span.


One notable point about this case study is way in which Greg relates the way in which at the start of this year FR8 was based on a B2C business model. However, given the challenges of a start-up moving into this disruptive space, FR8 decided to pivot their model to one which is now B2B. The team realised that it would be more viable, at least in the short-term, to approach developers, thus creating partnerships which are able to provide a complete delivery mechanism for the houses.

The Flourishing Canvas is published with permission from

As Greg concludes, the Flourishing Business Canvas has helped immensely in shaping the future direction for FR8 Living Solutions. If you are interested in working with the Flourishing Business Canvas and understanding how it can help your projects, please do get in touch. The Strongly Sustainable Business Model group have an active group on LinkedIn which you are free to join as well as a comprehensive wiki. The links are below:

SSBMG on LinkedIn

SSBMG wiki

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