Innovation and Soul at the Vototalks Digital Festival

Votorantim Group is one of Brazil’s largest privately-held conglomerates operating in a wide range of industrial sectors. This year the group celebrates its 100th birthday.

This is how Votorantim describe their mission:

For us, to evolve is to have the courage to rethink, resignify, retribute. It is having the courage to bring out the best in every individual to achieve everyone’s best. We have the vocation of making right decisions at the right time. Turning opportunities into great businesses. This is how we help our investees become references in their segments, generating positive impact and value in whatever area they operate.

One of the major social focuses for the group is education in Brazil, investing in educational projects via the Votorantim Institute:

For society, this commitment is materialized through the investments we make to transform the localities in which we operate, via programs and projects that support education, local development and public management. These are areas in which Instituto Votorantim has been active since 2002, having become a reference in the management of private social investments.

It was therefore a great honour for Maria and I to be invited to take part in Vototalks, an on-line digital festival hosted by Votorantim which takes place between the 6th and 10th of August.

Credit: Holonomics Education

The festival includes over 30 inspirational professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who will be sharing their knowledge, techniques and wisdom to help explore the process of transformation in business and society.

Here are some of the scheduled presentations:

  • The Future of Education, Carlos Souza
  • Value Generation from Collaborative Innovation, Giuliano Fernandes
  • The New Latin-American Political Imagination of the 21st Century, Beatriz Padreira
  • New Power: Democracy and Technology, Alê Youssef
  • The Challenges of Open Innovation, Rodrigo Moreira Gomes
  • Innovation, Practice and Purpose, Adriana Machado
  • Leading with Transformation, Andre Coutinho
  • Dual Transformation in Industrial Infrastructure, Mark Johnson
  • Experimental Projects and the Future of Nutrition, Alex Marie

Maria and I discuss Customer Experiences with Soul, and our talk will be broadcast on 10th August. We explore the evolution of customer experience design as a practice, and explain why we felt the need to extend and expand Customer Experience through Holonomics.

Credit: Holonomics Education

This video is a trailer for our talk in which I outline our Holonomics approach and how it relates to Customer Experience design and innovation..

In this second trailer (Portuguese) Maria discusses the concept of Internal = External, one of the key insights from our Customer Experiences with Soul framework.

If you would like to take part and watch the talks, registration is free. All talks are in both English and Portuguese (with respective subtitling). For more information please visit

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