Podcast: Discussing Holonomics and Regenerative Organisations (Portuguese)

Felipe Tavares  is the founder of the Institute for Regenerative Development (Instituto de Desenvolvimento Regenerativo) and the author of ‘The Call to Regenerative Leadership’ (O Chamado para a Liderança Regenerativa), published by Bambual Editora.

He has recently launched a new series of podcasts exploring the theme of regeneration from multiple perspectives, one of the first of which is an extremely wide-ranging and in-depth conversation with Maria Moraes Robinson which examines the way in which the Holonomics approach is helping large organisations to transform.

The conversation is structured around the four major pillars of Holonomics: the dynamics of seeing, the dynamics of nature, the dynamics of business and human values.

Photo: Linda Peia

This is well worth a listen for those of you who would like to find out more about the way in which we are helping businesses and organisations to transform their strategies, business models and core offerings through our cutting-edge programmes and initiatives.

To listen to the podcast (in Portuguese_ please click here.

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