Capra Course

During the last three decades, a new conception of life has emerged at the forefront of science. It is a unified view that integrates life’s biological, cognitive, social and ecological dimensions. At the very core of this new understanding of life we find a profound change of metaphors: from seeing the world as a machine to understanding it as a network.

This new science of life is now being developed by outstanding researchers and their teams around the world. Fritjof Capra has integrated their concepts and ideas into a single coherent framework — a unique synthesis, which is teaching for the first time in his online course Capra Course.

Fritjof calls the new conception of life a “systems view” because it involves a new kind of thinking — thinking in terms of relationships, patterns, and context. In science, this way of thinking is known as “systems thinking,” or “systemic thinking,” because it is crucial to understanding living systems of any kind — living organisms, social systems, or ecosystems. Systems thinking makes us aware of the fact that the major problems of our time — energy, economics, climate change, inequality —are all interconnected and interdependent. They are systemic problems that require corresponding systemic solutions.

Fritjof Capra

Capra Course provides people with the conceptual tools to understand the nature of our systemic problems and to recognize the systemic solutions that are being developed by individuals and organizations around the world.

The course allows people around the world to join Fritjof as he takes them through twelve different lectures over the course of twelve weeks:

  1. Systems Thinking
  2. The Web of Life
  3. Order and Complexity in the Living World
  4. The Systems View of Evolution
  5. Mind and Consciousness
  6. Science and Spirituality
  7. The Systems View of Health
  8. Life, Mind, and Society
  9. Life and Leadership in Organizations
  10. The Ecological Dimension of Life
  11. Systems Thinking and the State of the World
  12. Systemic Solutions

Each lecture will also contain a lecture overview, as well as supplementary reading and viewing materials as well as an on-line forum allowing participants to discuss each lecture in depth.

In addition to the regular open courses, private editions of the entire Capra Course are now available as a package to universities, companies, or other organizations who would like their members/employees to take the course. In this case, you would be able to access all the lectures and supplementary materials for a certain time period, so that you can organize them in whatever way is convenient for you.

In order to provide guidance, feedback and commentary related to your organization’s area of interest, Fritjof will be available for conversations in person via Skype.

University or college professors might be interested in using a selection of Capra Course lectures as supplements to their courses, or they might want to offer the entire Capra Course as an elective course. Another interesting idea would be for students from different departments (or even from different colleges) to take the course and use it as a springboard for collaborative projects. In this way, Capra Course could be a useful tool for building bridges between disciplines from a systemic perspective. Similar considerations would apply to business organizations.

Please contact us using our contact form to discuss a Private Edition of the Capra Course, tailor-made to your needs. Please specify how many people will be likely to take the course and for which time period you would need to have access to the course materials.

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