Jason Grant Reviews ‘Customer Experiences with Soul’

Jason Grant

We have received this excellent review of Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design from Jason Grant who is the founder of Flexwebs, a customer experience design agency, as well as also being the CEO of Integral, a coaching and business consultancy. His review really captures the essence of our book:

“This book is something that was missing in the area of UX Design and Customer Experience Design for years now. As a professional in the industry for over a decade, I would hint at something like this to many clients, but the subject would be rejected even in my mind. Why? Because, if there isn’t a book about it on the market, it’s not a ‘thing’. Now, finally, there is a book about something that has always been the missing link in the management science at large.

The fact that us humans are not just emotional beings, but we also have a soul and are spiritual beings that search for and want greater meaning in our lives. Similarly, companies ought to have a soul too. The talk about ‘purpose’ in management science so far has only been largely a lip service and something that is very surface level idea. Now there is a much deeper, comprehensive way to approach company strategy development and creating experience in a true purposeful way.

The people who wrote this book, Simon and Maria, are perfect authors for it. They don’t just know the subject, they also live the subject. This is crucial, as the book is written from the soul and heart of the writers who know what they wrote about both theoretically and practically. This book is an absolute must have for all current and future experience design practitioners. Buy it. Now!”

You can see the review on Amazon.com here.

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