The Contribution of Deep Tech to Regeneration

“A future we have never experienced was birthed while many weren’t looking. The authors offer a profound shift in perspective in this insightful roadmap for Deep Tech—the possibilities, the unintended consequences and the compelling need to make the human dimension (and truth) a more powerful part of the equation. In your hand is an essential playbook for the future. Drink in the soulful wisdom on these pages. The evolution of humanity depends on it.”

—Kimberly Faith, Systems Thinking Expert, Futurist and Award Winning Author

This week sees the worldwide launch of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation. Our book has been written in a transdisciplinary manner in a way in which allows changemakers to work cooperatively with those business leaders, technologists and designers who all share the same vision of using advanced technology for the betterment of society and our planet.

In it we show how we are now evolving to a new digital economy in which the logic of business models and the way in which organisations provide value is radically changing. For changemakers to continue to be able to work with business leaders in a regenerative manner, both audiences need to master the logic of this new economy, and that means developing platform vision and comprehending organisations in a new systemic manner.

For this reason Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation is structured around the transformative framework of the New 4Ps of platforms, purpose, people and planet. This framework is regenerative in that growth is now understood as being qualitative, the three primary dimensions being elevation, scaling and amplification. In this manner, an organisation is able to fulfill its environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives in an authentic manner, by taking in account the systemic impact of its actions.

Maria Moraes Robinson, one of the co-authors of our book has been recognised internationally for her work in locating universal human values at the centre of business strategy. As she says, “Without authenticity being put into action, the true essence of a brand cannot be recognised”. While many ESG initiatives are not authentic, and with many consultancies jumping on the regenerative bangwagon, being authentic and living human values are the foundation of our amplified organisation blueprint, in which technology is seen as the means to achieving an amplified level of impact in the world.

The reaction to Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation has already been incredible, with Maria and I launching the first MBA module based on the book at Sustentare Business School, Joinville, Brazil earlier this month, and the eBook edition becoming a #1 best seller in a number of different Amazon categories. In addition to Kimberly Faith’s testimony, we have also received positive editorial reviews from a number of other leading sustainability and regeneration professors, authors and practitioners including Denise DeLuca (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) and Scott Boylston (Savannah College of Art and Design):

“It can be easy at times for those of us working in sustainability to feel pessimistic about the future and the direction that current technology trends are taking us. Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation offers concepts and solutions that leverage deep technology to help us re-engage with our universal human values. This is a fascinating and inspiring read that anyone passionate about technology, sustainability, or the future of humanity will want to read.”

—Denise DeLuca, Director, MCAD Sustainable Design Masters program, Board President of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and author of Re-Aligning with Nature: Ecological Thinking for Radical Transformation

“In an era reeling from the unintended consequences of shortsighted technological applications, it’s refreshing to see a clear-eyed business strategy for reinventing the application of deep technology platforms so that they leverage and amplify social equity and ecological vitality. The authors of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation lay out a bold blueprint for business leaders to spark a collective and purpose-centred scaling of systemic organisational impact that makes a regenerative future more possible. If we ever have any hope of redirecting deep technologies to holistically serve human aspirations for a better future for all, this book is an impressive contribution to that roadmap.”

—Scott Boylston, Graduate Coordinator, SCAD Design for Sustainability Masters Program and author of Designing with Society

As we write in our book, “authentic Deep Tech ecosystems are purpose-driven and focus on the quality of relationships and social, economic and environmental impact through the presence and expression of universal human values. The ability of platforms to scale represents a significant opportunity to raise the quality of life for people”. So for those of you who are working in the regenerative field, you will discover that our book provides a technology roadmap to enable you to talk with authority to business leaders in a language in which they can understand, allowing you to take on much more strategic work at the heart of organisations, implementing deep tech which elevates, scales and amplifies all that you are working towards achieving.

As Andrea Somoza-Norton, Associate Professor at California Polytechnic State University says:

Brilliant! Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation provides a path for leaders to action and reflection in uncertain times. Unlike other organisational and technology-oriented frameworks, it underlines the significance of human values and the potential, creativity and profound impact decision-making has on our planet’s natural ecosystems. A must read for those stepping into the future, change agents and systems thinkers!

—Andrea Somoza-Norton, Ed.D, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Administration Program, California Polytechnic State University

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation is now available in eBook, paperback and hardcover editions via Amazon, and will soon be available from all good leading book retailers. To help you locate how to buy a copy in your country, this article lists all the links from all Amazon global territories: The Launch of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation

For further information about our strategic work in Deep Tech please visit Holonomics.

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