Coming soon – a brief update

I launched this blog a full ten years ago as a sibling site within the Transition Towns network, accompanying Transition Culture (which is now and the many other initiatives around the world.

It has been a quite amazing journey in which I moved to Brazil, allowing me the opportunity to live and work in a culture very different to my own, and one which has taught me so much about humanity, consciousness, values and relationships. And it has also been workderful to share all of this with you through over 800 publications here on my blog, in addition to my other channels and social media posts.

I realise that I have not been posting too much these last few months, and that is because Maria and I have been working away on a number of related projects which we will be sharing very soon, one of which is thew Deep Tech Network.

Holonomics together with 1STi have brought together their skills and expertise to create a pioneering movement in Brazil to help us all reflect on these rapidly changing times and to help develop conscious solutions for our global challenges.

The network will be launching very soon, first with content in Portuguese and then with English to follow shortly afterwards. To stay in touch and receive updates, please feel free to follow us on our Deep Tech Network Instagram page.


3 responses to “Coming soon – a brief update

  1. Cool.
    I think I first encountered you when I was working as part of the Transition Town movement back in 2008-10. I remember being struck then that yours was one of the voices to listen out to.

    Very best of luck with your next stage / chapter

    • Thanks Finn, we are going to do as much sharing as possible as these last few months have been very productive in creating and structuring a new ecosystem for innovation and sociallly-focused project work.

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